End-to-end transparency in the supply chain will increase the international competitiveness of Danish businesses.


The project is developing services and technologies for business supply chain digitisation using new sensor and tag technologies.

Smart sensors can retrieve real-time information about product status histories from their trips through the supply chain. This information may include (e.g.) temperature, humidity, shocks, and bumps. In this manner, sensor technology can facilitate transparency throughout the entire supply chain and serve as a basis for the growth of data-driven decision-making.

However, studies mention the need for greater investments in new technologies, a lack of convincing business models, few internal competencies, and resistance to new technology as some of the reasons that Danish small- and medium-sized businesses have been reluctant to move toward a digital supply chain.

In this project, we will create a cross-disciplinary consultancy service in the area of tension between technology development and processes. With this offering, we will support Danish small- and medium-sized businesses in their transitions to the new conditions brought about by digital supply chains, creating a basis for an increase in the competitiveness of Danish businesses.

We will develop the service in co-operation with advisers and system suppliers in the supply chain and production systems sectors.

Target group

This project is focused on the following primary target groups:

Food service sector: primary producers, dairy businesses, processing businesses, fresh produce suppliers, agriculture, fruits/vegetables, etc.
Component / semi-finished production businesses: Part suppliers for larger enterprises.
Pharmaceutical and medical industry: Suppliers of hospital and clinic products; transport of fragile and sensitive goods.


This project is being conducted in co-operation with Aalborg University (AAU).