Competitive and reliable material selections will improve the competitiveness of Danish small- and medium-sized businesses and contribute to a green transition.


The project will support the development of green technology.

The transition from fossil energy to green energy introduces new challenges for systems, materials, and equipment. Systems are exposed to increasingly aggressive chemical environments at high pressures and temperatures. Increased process optimisation and a focus on competitiveness also contribute to the increased pressure on these new technologies.

Today, FORCE Technology offers knowledge and facilities that help Danish companies choose and document materials for the energy sector. This project will expand this platform of services, based on testing facilities for harsh environments.

Consultancy and testing facilities will help Danish companies qualify products and designs for facilities for green energy technology. This project will thus support the development of green technology by improving the competitiveness of Danish small- and medium-sized businesses, and by contributing to a larger flow of new technology for the green transition.

Target group

The target groups are:

companies developing new technology for energy facilities
manufacturers of new energy technology equipment, both current and future
energy facility operators and owners.


Several case companies will be involved in the project; which companies these are is yet to be determined.

In addition, we are establishing a professional panel of observers, which we will use to receive expert feedback. The observation panel will ensure that the activity remains focused on technology development and innovation, adapted to the needs of the industry, while also establishing important links to and between the companies.

Previous project periods

This project builds on the "Materials in Harsh Environments" project (2017–2019), and is related to the GEOTHERM, EEEHy, and CeJacket innovation fund projects.