Strategic service development for small- and medium-sized industrial businesses.


The purpose of Servitize.DK is to improve competitiveness, growth, and value creation among Danish small- and medium-sized industrial businesses through increased proliferation of product-service-business concepts.

For the businesses, the goal of servitisation is to:

  • Increase revenue and create growth with new business models
  • Create competitive businesses based on their customers' value chains
  • Increase customers' productivity and efficiency through new services
  • Forge closer, more lasting links between customers and vendors

Servitize.DK helps Danish businesses to implement servitisation in their businesses through a process that is adapted to each unique business. This means supporting the development of specific product-service concepts by focusing on strategy, leadership, technology, design, organisation, and networking in each individual business.

All of this is closely tied to research which (among other goals) will reveal how servitisation is linked to the strategic digital transformation process which many businesses are currently facing.

Target groups

The primary target group for Servitize.DK is small- and medium-sized industrial businesses with 20 to 250 employees.


This project is being conducted by FORCE Technology, CBS, Aarhus University, the Danish Technological Institute, and the Alexandra Institute