Inspections give knowledge about the condition of components, products or constructions, and their compliance with existing regulations. Our solutions range from standard to advanced inspections.

Inspection using drone technology provides access to hard-to-reach areas with a high level of safety.
Service sector

5 observations for stakeholders when meeting changes in market legislation


When a market is undergoing changes in legislative regulation, the trading parties involved are to collaborate in order to meet the new, common requirements and procedures. We have gathered 5 observations that apply for stakeholders when meeting changes in market legislation.

Wind turbines, wind power

Next step in the cost reduction in the wind industry


Mobile inspection robots and automated evaluation of inspection data will play a major part in reducing costs for subcontractors, contractors, producers and owners in the wind industry.

quadcopter, drone, drone inspection, UAV, aerial inspection

Inspection using drone technology


The way to inspect inaccessible areas indoor and outdoor - both offshore and onshore.

P-scan AMS-1T steerable magnetic wheel crawler on primary tank wall.

Radioactive waste storage tank inspection through 6-inch access pipes


Specialists of the materials Technology Section of Savannah River National Laboratory performed ultrasonic and visual examinations of a high level radioactive waste storage tank as an in-service inspection.

Subsea inspection

Inspection of tether string welds


P-scan Subsea Inspection System has been developed for operation depth of 400 m.

In the service of art


We helped SMK, reveal spectacular secrets in the almost 400 years old painting “The Ferry-Boat”.

Public swimming pool, children, swim ring

Building inspection prevents leaks in public pools


Cathodic protection gave the condition of pools preventing them from break downs and injuries.

P-scan AMS-1T steerable magnetic wheel crawler on primary tank wall.

Safe inspection of radioactive waste tanks


FORCE Technology’s specially designed scanning equipment makes crack detection and thickness measurements in one process.

The Pirate Djurs Summerland

A safe thrill at Djurs Sommerland


Denmark's longest rollercoaster ride is tested and approved by FORCE Technology.