Cases within IoT

We help our customers transform their business, product or concept by enabling the full potential of IoT-driven solutions.

Read about a wide range of customer challenges within IoT, data and digitalisation, and how IoT-enabling and service-based innovation transformed the solutions.

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Prototype of a sensor device logging vibration data and transmitting it to receiving device via Bluetooth.

A future with IoT enabled intelligent buckets


Sjørring Maskinfabrik investigates how IoT technologies can bring value across the supply chain.

Innovation in the health sector

User context aware technological innovation process


Glostrup Hospital achieved innovative technological solutions for their new rehabilitation centre.




Avoid loss of resources with wireless sensors. Remoni is scavenging energy from cables to power devices.

Man, elderly, dementia



A sensory memory game for dementia patients.

Meeting, men, people, COPD patients

Assistive technology


The Pacer - empowering COPD patients.


ERNIT - A digital piggy bank for the cashless future


Technological assistance to Haystack in the development of a digital piggy bank concept.

Bike, e-bike

Early prototyping for electric bikes


Better user interfaces and interaction on electric bikes for people with disabilities.

Work out

Muscle Minder


An investigation into how we use haptic feedback to create a mind-muscle connection doing exercise.

Eating, apple

.TIBA - Habit changing wearables


Design for meaningfulness in smart health care products.

Price tag

Solar powered price tags to replace batteries


Cheaper electronic shelf labels based on indoor solar cell technology.

Wireless sensors

Noise in open offices


Noise monitoring and nudging in open office environments.

Mobile phone, bicycle

Donkey Republic


Hardware evaluation at Donkey Republic.

IoT, Planters, plants, gardener

IoT in smart city planters


IoT and sensors for rainwater collection measurement and automatic watering in urban green spaces and facilities.

Wireless thermostat



Danfoss uses IoT do-it-yourself test facilities to test new wireless thermostat.

Girl with piggy bank



Cyber security check opens export doors for virtual piggy bank.