e-marking of prepackages guarantees that you avoid possible hindrance to exports of prepackages. With e-marking, you cannot be denied export of your products in an EEA country provided reasons for lack of net contents.

e-marking ensures easier export of prepackages

e-marking guarantees that products are packed according to applicable EU Directive.

The e-marking is mutually accepted by all countries in the EEA. That means EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. As a producer or an importer, you are ensured easier export and import of your products in the above-mentioned countries.

FORCE Technology is the authorized laboratory in Denmark that offers approval and inspection of e-marking of prepackages, as well as consultancy in relation to the application.

If you need more information or want to apply for e-marking, please contact us.

e-marking is an international and approved parameter within trading

As an exporter, e-marking your products allows you to guarantee the average quantity of content stated at the prepackages. At the same time, requirements specify the content of a single prepackaged product. For that reason, you can use e-marking regulations between you and your customer.

As an importer of prepackages from all EEA countries, you are free to import into the EEA countries. Import of e-marked prepackages from countries outside EEA require permission.

FORCE Technology offers consultancy to both importers and exporters of prepackages in Denmark.

Epsilon-labelled measuring bottles (3)

The Epsilon-label is relevant to producers of bottles. Epsilon-labelled bottles allow the end-users to control the content quantity without breaking the packaging. The Epsilon-label is also useable as basis for an agreement for the content quantity.

FORCE Technology is the authorized laboratory in Denmark to offer approval and inspection of Epsilon-labelled measuring bottles.

If you need more information or want to apply for Epsilon-labelling, please contact us.