Consultancy and coaching on innovation management for small and medium size businesses that want to think innovation into the company's strategy and business plan.

Innovation is vital for the future of Danish companies. It is therefore essential for your company to have the ability to develop, structure, and implement innovation - whether we are talking innovation of products, services, processes, or combinations thereof.

Sparring with a strategic focus on innovation

We act as your sparring partner in relation to innovation so that development, and improvement, gains a prominent position in your company's strategy and business plan.

The Innovation Check – the starting point for innovation

An Innovation Check is a free service available to small and medium-sized Danish companies. The Innovation Check reviews the options for development and growth through knowledge inputs from Approved Technological Service Institutes, universities and other knowledge institutions.

Through an Innovation Check, your company gets the opportunity to put innovation on the agenda and to raise innovation to the strategic level. 

Your dialogue with the Innovation Agents will enable them to identify relevant technological knowledge and inspiration for your business, and to identify areas where the use of specific technological solutions can strengthen your company's business and competitiveness.

Technological innovation

The key word for an Innovation Check is technological innovation, focusing on technology, product, production and process development, new markets and materials, and business and strategy development.

An Innovation Check begins with a meeting between your company and the Innovation Agent, typically a couple of hours. During the meeting, we identify your company's opportunities for technological innovation, and together we prepare an action plan that describes and prioritizes the focus areas that we have identified.

During the check, we also help you identify relevant partners and funding opportunities, in order to provide you with a good start on the innovation process. Finally, we follow up on the innovation check and determine whether further guidance is required.

Service innovation

Do you wish to strengthen your company's position in the market, by offering services to support or complement the core products or services of your company?

Our starting point is your current business model, core competencies and internal resources. We couple this to the opportunities for developing new services that can benefit your customers.

We focus on four types of services: 
  • Product Lifecycle Services (PLS): Services supporting the product throughout its lifecycle, such as repairs, supply, recycling etc.
  • Asset Efficiency Services (AES): Services improving productivity, such as documentation, performance management, customization, online data collection etc. 
  • Process Support Services (PSS): Services that assists your customers by improving their own business processes, e.g. through deeper understanding of the processes relating to their customers (Customer Insights).
  • Process Delegation Services (PDS): Services provided on behalf of your customers, such as technical consulting. 
We work with complex business models across the four service types, putting particular emphasis on exploiting the business potential in service spinoffs.

Our staff has extensive practical experience in service innovation and we participate in the Innovation Network "Service Platform": We thus ensure access to the latest knowledge on service innovation, in close cooperation with companies, universities, and other educational institutions.

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