Emission measurements ensure that ships are performing according to standards and requirements for measuring, evaluation and documentation of airborne emissions.

Emission measurements ensure documentation of compliance with regulatory requirements 

Air emissions from ship engines contribute to air pollution affecting the environment and human health on a regional and global scale.

The IMO recently introduced a scheme for NOx reduction and a stricter regulation of the amount of sulphur in oil. MAROPL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code 2008 define these. The strictest requirements are imposed on ships sailing in designated sea areas, the so-called ECA’s (Emission Control Areas).

We offer measurements of air pollutants in order to assure that your ship is performing according to national and international standards.

FORCE Technology provides emission measurement services 

We offer accredited air emission measurements to:
  • the shipping industry
  • producers of air pollution control equipment
  • marine administrations monitoring compliance of emission regulation.

Our basis is 30 years of experience within air emission measurements from land-based industries, and in the recent years from maritime installations.

We perform both test bed and on board measurements of NOX, SO2, CO and HC in accordance with NOX Technical Code 2008. We measure PM in accordance with the international standard ISO 8178.

Exhaust emission measurements 

Estimates of pollution from marine diesel engines are based on test bed results. However, the industry is experiencing an increase in demand of documentation of compliance with regulatory requirements regarding NOX and other air pollutants from on board emission measurements.

The demands are typically made by shipping companies, maritime administrations and classification societies carrying out inspections.

Measurement and characterization of ultrafine particles (UFP) 

Within recent years, special attention has been directed to the potential health effects of ultrafine particles. In cooperation with the industry, we are currently engaged in research activities and projects aimed at addressing the problems and developing solutions to reduce health risks.

Please contact our consultants, if you want to know more about air emissions or to get started with emission measurements.


How to measure and reduce black carbon emissions from ship engines

Learn how MAN Diesel & Turbo and Alfa Laval Aalborg (DK) prepare and optimize measurements of black carbon emissions.

FORCE Technology provides all-round service within air emissions

We ensure our customers broad-based expertise in air emissions in all stages, from prevention to documentation and reduction. We provide:

  • Measurement of exhaust emissions (test bed and on-board)
  • Test of air pollution control systems
  • Optimisation of air pollution control system
  • Consultancy on air pollution control technologies.

We are always serious about our customer’s needs. We create measurement programs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by careful planning, attractive prices and delivery on time. We perform measurements and provide a report, ready for the authorities.

Emission monitoring – for other purposes

At FORCE Technology we can provide you with relevant knowledge about industrial processes and flue gas cleaning systems:

  • Compliance measurements (environmental approval)
  • Quality assurance of Automated Measuring Systems (AMS)
  • Corrosion measurements.
  • Process monitoring for adjustment and optimisation of the process.
  • Acceptance tests or guarantee tests: Does the plant meet with the guaranteed energy efficiency or cleaning efficiency?
  • Emission surveys.