We base our port models on the most reliable and accurate approach and consistently turn out models which replicate reality to the smallest detail. 

Port models replicating reality

The fidelity of the simulator based approach lies inherently in the realism of the created environment including ship and port models. The visual environment is an important factor but the responsiveness of the vessel and the correct ‘feel’ are the crucial ones. 

The virtual environment created by simulators provides the common platform which can address the various stakeholders' concerns and interests. This environment therefore provides the optimal approach to making qualified decisions which eventually will save costs, increase operability and reduce risks. 
Watch how a ship bridge simulator is built

Port models

For training purposes the visual appearance may often have a high impact in order to create the perceptive link between reality and virtual reality. Hence visual port models based on photographs are developed and built thereby creating a virtual environment with characteristic buildings, landmarks and structures.

For engineering studies, where the layout is the core issue, the visual port modelling often has less importance although it may be very useful for demonstration purposes and likewise. 

In both cases correct modelling of the physical surroundings of the port defined by the bathymetry, land and marine structures is essential. Our SimFlex4 environment enables the user to create new exercise ports or modify an existing port. The ports are built from sea charts according to the IMO S-52 display standard. The chart is highly configurable and operates in layers based on the S57 display standard, each one representing a physical object type (i.e. land contours, fenders, etc.).

With SimFlex4 Area Engineer it is possible to import data from open S57 format, AutoCAD format, DTED (digital terrain elevation data format), and from different text file formats. Furthermore, SimFlex4 Area Engineer generates information for the SimFlex4 Visual System and The SimFlex4 Radar System including detailed navigation aids and terrain.

Our simulator modelling environments are developed by experienced engineers and technicians trained to create and achieve a virtual environment which is perceived as reality.