Focus on safety when hiring mobile elevating working platforms and construction equipment. Choose the distributors whom we have certified or who make use of the workshops we have approved.

Control system gives extra safety for the hirer

Machines and lifting platforms that are subject to the Control scheme for Machine or the Control scheme for lifting platforms are identified by a label, which indicates that a special inspection of the machine has been carried out. This is your guarantee that the machine is examined for safety defects and that the machine is fully functional. 

All machines that are marked with the label for Control scheme for Machine and lifting platforms are subjected to a safety inspection at least once a year. The safety inspection is carried out by workshops, which are approved under the control system. This indicates to the hirers of construction equipment and working platforms that the equipment is safe to use.

Many things may go wrong if machines are not inspected correctly. All approved workshops examine the machines according to the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that the machine works as it is supposed to. Furthermore, all parts are adjusted and tightened up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The most common machines and working platforms, which belong under the control system, are:
  • Dumper truck
  • Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Telescopic loaders with or without platform
  • Mobile elevating working platforms for persons
  • Façade Lifting platform
  • Excavators
  • Scaffoldings
  • Shuttering.

Random samples ensure a high quality of the workshops

FORCE Technology is appointed by the Material Section under The Danish Construction Association to control whether the approved workshops meet the requirements. When controlling, we inspect, among other things, whether the workshop has the necessary specifications at their disposal and whether the workshop uses calibrated measuring equipment.Besides control of the approved workshops, we carry through random tests of 3 % of all the machines, which have been inspected at the workshop. This ensures a high quality of the work of the workshops.

The certification from the Danish Rental Association (DRA) gives additional safety

Companies, which hire out construction machines, mobile elevating working platforms, site-huts, pavilions, shuttering, scaffoldings, working platforms, lifting tackles or electrical hand-held tools can acquire a DRA certification if they fulfil a number of quality managerial requirements within the following areas:
  • Quality management
  • Environmental management
  • Working environment.
If you choose a DRA-certified distributor of material, you are guaranteed that the material has been subject to a comprehensive safety and quality inspection in an approved workshop once a year. Furthermore, the distributors have applied systematised workflow and processes in connection with the whole rental process:
  • Receipt after rental
  • Examination and cleaning
  • Preparation of material
  • Receipt of order
  • Preparation for rental.
Furthermore, the DRA-certified companies have a system for registration of possible deviations in their workflow.

As a DRA-certified distributor, you are obliged to deal with environment-improving initiatives. You can focus on the energy consumption from buildings and handling of hazardous waste or on environmentally correct rental material, for instance construction equipment with particle filters and biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

As a distributor, you have to ensure that purchased articles and services fulfil your environmental policy and you need to have a clear and well formulated emergency plan in case of an environmental incident. The aim of the environmental management is to ensure a high level of responsibility and ethics in the handling of resources and environment.

The DRA-certified distributors need to have an occupational, health and safety management, which among other things must include procedures for the handling of chemicals, a smoking policy and a guarantee that the employees always have relevant protective equipment at their disposal. Furthermore, all equipment and materials which are used by the distributor himself have to go through continuous controls and examinations.