Our radiation consulting services can assist companies in the drilling and workover industry that work with ionising radiation in one way or another; instruments containing radioactive elements or X-ray devices.

Knowhow, value and safety

Our services cover a broad range of subjects and can provide you with essential knowhow, adding value and safety to your process. We maintain a longstanding tradition of expertise in the field of industrial application of ionising radiation; such as X-rays and radioactive isotopes.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • industrial radiation protection.
  • measuring radiation doses and contamination with radioactive substances.
  • application of ionising radiation, X-ray and radioactive sources, for measurement purposes in industry.
  • radioactive tracer investigations and analyses in many different environments.
  • radiation safety aspects of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, also known as NORM, as well as general counselling in the field.
  • analysis capabilities in the NORM field.
  • measurement and monitoring of ionising radiation in many different situations, from locating lost sources to measuring of areas suspected of being contaminated.
  • counselling services in certain aspects of the Danish regulations regarding both open and closed radioactive sources.
  • arranging standard as well as tailor made radiation protection courses.

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