In-depth knowledge about the surface of your materials and products. Your customers can then rest assured of the quality and reliability of the products they receive. 

In addition to that, we offer identification, reports and documentation relating to, for example impurities in products and systems. We can also determine the cause of damages and breakdowns.

Testing and analysis of surfaces, structures, fractures, particles, impurities etc.

We have advanced analysis equipment at our disposal and specialists within almost all material categories. That means, we can characterise your material and give you fast and reliable results.

Knowledge about surfaces and materials is often an important requirement in order to ensure quality, function and reliability to your customer.  This is true for both new product design and development, as well as quality assurance and modification of existing products.

Surface characterisation plays an important role in connection with damages and breakdowns, for example from wear and tear, breaches or similar. You get a fast, competent and non-biased analysis.

Our services within surface characterisation include:

  • High magnification microscopy with element analysis
  • Characterisation at micro- and nano-level
  • Analysis of particles, impurities and micro-structures
  • Analysis and measuring surface structures such as impurities
  • Characterisation of surface layers and thickness (FIB-SEM)
  • Microscopy of wet test material (ESEM)
  • Determination of chemical composition for crystalline material (XRD)
  • Surface and roughness characterisation (optic 3D profilometry and AFM)
  • Exact measuring from nm to cm
  • Visualisation of 3D surfaces such as surface roughness. Lean more about roughness measuring (link til produktblad)
  • Quantitative characterisation of corrosion and damage – also casts (replica)

Surface characterisation for detection of contamination in products and production equipment 

We offer analysis and identification of substances and particles in both hard and liquid products. A fast and safe localisation of the source ensures that you can initiate focused actions for solving the problem and return to the normal production.

Material and surface analyses and characterisation

We analyse and characterise all solid materials such as metal, salts, fibres, plastics, paper, building material and paint. 

Furthermore, we examine biological materials such as plant fibres, fungus and micro-organisms including moist and water-soaked test materials. We can analyse received material as well as material collected on-site.

We can make casts (replicas) of components and production equipment that cannot be analysed directly, due to it being either inaccessible or not possible to collect samples from.  These casts are then examined in our laboratory in order to characterise the structure and surface roughness.

Damages and breakdowns – Identification, report and documentation using surface characterisation

We offer expert knowledge in relation to damages and breakdowns. That means you quickly have the damage identified and receive a report stating the reason that the damage has occurred.  

This will help you avoid this type of damage occurring in the future. We prepare an impartial report that you can use in relation to your customers and subcontractors.

We offer tests and analyses of for example surfaces, structures, fractures, particles, surface impurities and determination of element composition.
We have great experience with general problem-solving and jobs where questions such as “what is that” and “where does it originate from” are asked.


We have state-of-the-art equipment for surface characterisation and analysis. Our equipment covers both 3D, microscopy and X-ray. That allows us to perform highly specialised analyses on many different and complex surfaces.