Use laser fusing for repairing and prolonging the service life of worn or heavily loaded items. FORCE Technology advises on and performs laser fusing on your components.

Protect your item against wear and corrosion

In industrial machines and motors, axles and bearings are exposed to wear, thus replacement and servicing are part of the ordinary maintenance. Maintenance means standstill of the production, regardless whether you produce electricity, foods, and pharmaceutical products or maintain the closing mechanism of a bascule. 

Laser fusing may give axles, bearings or e.g. sliding bolts in a worn bascule bridge a new surface with properties that often surpass the original, for instance:
  • Wearing surface of hard surfaces
  • Corrosion-resistant surface for aggressive environments
  • Wearing surface and corrosion-resistant surfaces combining hard, abrasion and corrosion-resistant surfaces.
In this way, you can reduce the downtime, extend intervals between service operations and diminish the need of spare parts and new components, thus saving money and increasing your company’s competiveness.

How can laser fusing enhance your company? 

Laser fusing may give your worn components new life and thus cut down expenses. However, laser fusing is also a technique that you can design into your products in the design phase, and give them new properties to extend their service life or intervals between service, or to replace more conventional types of surface treatment. 

If your company has been unfortunate and has misprocessed a costly item to undersize, laser fusing can be used to repair the misprocessed area so that the item does not have to be scrapped, and you save money. The minimal heat input of laser fusing ensures that the other tolerances of the component are not impaired. 

This technique is used in e.g. axles, bearings and spindles.

If you need to combine the good heat conductivity of the low-alloyed steel with the good abrasion and corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel alloys, you “equip” the low-alloyed steel with a tailor-made surface. Inside the pipes of e.g. scraper heat exchangers, a hard and corrosion resistant surface can protect the inside of the pipe, which may be produced in heat conducting and much less expensive constructional steel. 

You thus obtain the materials properties wished for and simultaneously you save money on materials expenses.

Laser fusing is safer than the alternative

Laser fusing is an alternative to traditional surface treatment techniques such as:
  • Cladding (deposit welding)
  • Chromium plating
  • Thermal spraying.
Compared to the mentioned traditional processes you achieve a surface that cannot flake off or delaminate and thus pollute the process, as laser fusing ensures metallic – in contract to mechanical - adherence. At the same time, you ensure that the other dimensions of the item are not impaired because of thermal deformation as the heat input from the laser is typically of a lower magnitude than during the arc welding process.

Contact us if you wish to know more about laser fusing and the advantages it provides for you and your company.