Be sure of your product’s reliability with an accelerated reliability test, which simulates the product’s lifespan over a short period of time.

Using an accelerated reliability test, you can, over a short period of time, expose your product to conditions similar to those the product will be exposed to during its lifespan. In this manner, the test offers you knowledge about your product’s life expectancy. This gives you a documented foundation for deciding whether the reliability is satisfactory, or whether there is a need for adjustment of the product design. In addition, the test gives you an excellent outset for creating a service policy to your customers.

We help you with advice and guidance on reliability issues in connection with your particular product, and we can help you make a strategy for testing your product under accelerated conditions. We can test the complete product or separate and more critical parts, with relevant parameters such as temperature, temperature, humidity, corrosion, vibration, shock and bumps.

Because we stress the product on selected parameters to simulate the effects of many years, we call it an accelerated reliability test. Among other things, we offer:

Mission Profile

Provides a description of the conditions that the product realistically will be exposed to during its lifespan both the type of influences as well as their varying degrees of intensity. Mission Profile is the starting point for the calculation of your product’s life expectancy.

ALT (Accelerated Life Testing)

Assesses a product’s life expectancy based on acceleration models.

CALT (Calibrated Accelerated Life Testing)

Predicts the life expectancy by using a statistical method with the fewest possible number of test subjects and the shortest possible test time.Accelerated reliability test do not replace all other types of test, but it is the method to determine a product’s life expectancy.

Strategic advantages

With an accelerated reliability test you will gain a number of strategic advantages:
  • Identifying potential product reliability issues at an early stage
  • Documentation of product lifespan
  • Basis for determining your service strategy

We offer

We have a wide range of laboratories and facilities for reliability tests. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable testing experts who want to help you reach your goal with a complete and successful result.

By using FORCE Technology as your partner for your reliability test, you will get:
  • Expert advice about the test procedure
  • Access to extensive knowledge and experience of testing a multitude of product types
  • The possibility to expand the testing to include many different parameters


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IEC 62506, GMW8758


We have a broad range of test equipment used for accelerated reliability tests on a number of parameters such as temperature, moisture, corrosion, and vibration.


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