Get your products tested and classified to the degree of protection (IP code) an enclosure provides against ingress of water and of solid foreign objects.

Liquids, dust, salt, and dirt are virtually everywhere and can be devastating to your product. The product must be able to remain impenetrable so its unique features are preserved, and the quality meets international standards as well as your customers’ expectations.

Targeted ingress protection tests give you the assurance that external conditions do not affect your electrical or electronic product. It can be difficult to consider all types of external influences. Er can provide you with advice and tests that are widely extensive and take all conditions into account.

With an accredited ingress protection test from FORCE Technology, you will discover whether there may be weaknesses in your product in terms of penetrability, and if it is resistant to various types of liquids and solid foreign objects. You will get the chance to find potential improvement opportunities to optimise your product design before it is launched.

At FORCE Technology you can get your products tested and classified to the degree of protection an enclosure provides against ingress of water and of solid foreign objects (IP code). Thereby you are able to get a rating for your product’s resilience to solid foreign objects and liquids.

The ingress protection test can include, e.g. a drip tests, various spray tests, immersion or dust tests. In addition, at FORCE Technology you can supplement with other testing methods that gobeyond the standard tests.

Strategic advantages

With an accredited ingress protection you will gain a number of strategic advantages:
  • Possibility to adjust the design prior to launch
  • Lower risk of product complaints and repair costs
  • A possibility to improve the lifespan and quality of your product
  • Clear documentation for CE marking or other types of approval of your product.

We offer

FORCE Technology is accredited to carry out ingress protection tests, and has advanced testing facilities for this purpose. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable testing experts who focus on that you end up with a complete and successful result.

By collaborating with FORCE Technology for your ingress protection test, you will get:
  • Accredited third-party test
  • Tests which are methodologically correct
  • Testing conducted according to the standards that are relevant to your industry Expert advice on whether any adjustments are needed to the test procedure or product design
  • Access to the great knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working groups
  • The option of expanding the test to include other parameters.


Hørsholm and Nordborg

ISTA® 1 Series, ISTA® 2 Series, ISTA® 3 Series, ASTM D4169

Scope of testing

Our laboratory has the following equipment to test your product according to the chosen standard:
  • Climate Chambers for exposure to temperature and/or humidity
  • Droptester and drop hook for free fall
  • Shakers for random test
  • Compression tester to test strength of stacking
  • Incline impact tester to test horizontal impact and additional equipment e.g. rotational edge drop