Our mechanical tests provide you with documentation demonstrating that your product can withstand the conditions it will be exposed to during normal use.

Before your company launches a new product, it is important to ensure that it is designed to be functional and reliable during daily use in the real world. The product must possess the necessary properties such as e.g. hardness, impact resistance, elasticity, fracture resistance and agility.

It is possible to test the product’s mechanical reliability in a effective manner prior to launch. For that purpose, we offer your business the service of performing an accredited mechanical test, where you can get materials, components, or complete products tested under different loads. For example, we can check material strength, and the strength of assemblies, in order to assess whether the product has the necessary quality, and will not become deformed or defective over time.

With an accredited mechanical test at FORCE Technology, you can test your product for both constant and variable loads, and across many various parameters, e.g. sinusoidal vibration, random vibration, sine on random, shock, free fall, bump, drop topple and stability, bouncing, static loading, compression, bending, and combined vibration and temperature.

Our mechanical tests provide you with the documentation which shows that your product can withstand the conditions that it will be exposed to during normal use. Thus, you can prevent faults and operational problems caused by mechanical failure.

Strategic advantages

With an accredited mechanical test, you will achieve a number of strategic advantages:

  • Possibility to adjust the design prior to launch
  • Lower risk of product complaints and repair costs
  • Clear documentation for CE marking or other types of approval of your product.

We offer

FORCE Technology is accredited to perform mechanical tests, and has advanced testing facilities for this purpose. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable testing experts who want to help you reach your goal with a complete and successful result.

By choosing FORCE Technology as your test partner, you will get:

  • Accredited third-party test
  • Tests which are methodologically correct
  • Testing conducted according to the standards that are relevant to your market
  • Expert advice on whether any adjustments are needed to the test procedure
  • Access to extensive knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working groups
  • The possibility to expand the test to include other parameters.


Hørsholm and Nordborg

Typically tested in accordance with IEC60068-2-6, IEC60068-2-27, IEC60068-2-64 or according to your specifications


Ling vibrator
Frequency range: 1-2000 Hz
Effect: 31 kN (sine peak), 33 kN (random rms)
Acceleration: 90 g (sine peak), 75 g (random rms)
Velocity sine peak: 1.8 m/s
Displacement: ± 25.4 mm / 1”

Long stroke vibrator
Frequency range: 1-2000 Hz
Effect: 35.6 kN
Acceleration: 112 g (sine peak), 100 g (random rms)
Velocity sine peak: 1.8 m/s
Displacement: ± 37.1 mm / 1.5”

Shock test
Half sine shock max. acceleration: 4000 g
Max. rate equivalent to: 1000 ms x g


Failure analysis of a product - not only a component