Packaging is part of your product and it must be strong enough to protect the product when it has to be transported from A to B. Get peace of mind with an accredited packaging test according to standards from ISTA®.

The increasing global trade means that more and more products are being shipped far under harsh conditions. Therefore, the packaging you choose for your product is essential to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the desired condition.

You can be assured that your package can handle all levels of the distribution chain by using our packaging test. You can test both the shipping packaging and product packaging in all types of material in order to document that your packaging meets the requirements and expectations set by you and your collaborators.

We are an accredited laboratory to conduct packaging test according to standards from ISTA® (International Safe Transit Association). We are authorised to conduct multiple types of packaging tests, so that they correspond with the real-life effects that packaging is subject to.

We can test your packaging on several parameters: Free fall, vibrations during transportation, compression, as well as sensitivity to moisture and temperature during storage. In close cooperation with you, we select the appropriate test series and measuring points: Full simulation, partial simulation or no simulation.

You do not only get a test, but also relevant guidance along the way so that you are testing correctly and have the opportunity to optimise your packaging design.

Strategic advantages

With an accredited packaging test you will gain a number of strategic advantages:
  • An internationally recognised test method
  • An increased likelihood that your products will reach their destination unharmed and safe
  • A combination of tests and guidance that will allow you to optimise the packaging design.

We offer

FORCE Technology is accredited to perform tests in three different series of ISTA®’s packaging tests, and has advanced testing facilities for this purpose. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable testing experts who focus on that you end up with a complete and successful result.

By collaborating with us for your packaging test, you will get:
  • Third party tests
  • Tests which are methodologically correctly conducted
  • Testing conducted by independent, international standards in accordance with ISTA®
  • Expert advice on whether any adjustments are needed for the packaging design
  • Access to the great knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working groups.

Our packaging tests are conducted at our test centre in Nordborg, where we create a test set-up corresponding to actual transport conditions by means of moisture and temperature chambers, systems for vibration testing, free fall tests, compression machines and equipment to test for horizontal impact (Incline Impact Testers). You have the possibility to be present at the test.


Hørsholm and Nordborg

ISTA® 1 Series, ISTA® 2 Series, ISTA® 3 Series, ASTM D4169

Scope of testing

Our laboratory has the following equipment to test your product according to the chosen standard:
  • Climate Chambers for exposure to temperature and/or humidity
  • Droptester and drop hook for free fall
  • Shakers for random test
  • Compression tester to test strength of stacking
  • Incline impact tester to test horizontal impact and additional equipment e.g. rotational edge drop


Failure analysis of a product - not only a component