SenseLab offers fast-turn-around sound quality listening tests according to a range of acknowledged sensory evaluation methods and industry recommendations.

Document the sound quality of your products with independent listening tests

As independent lab for perceptual sound quality testing, SenseLab performs a wide range of custom and standard compliant listening tests of your products, as evaluation and documentation of the sound quality.

You can use the outcome of the sound quality tests in your product development phase or as unbiased independent validation in marketing communication.

SenseLab’s sound quality test domain expertise includes listening tests of:

  • Speech/audio codecs, noise suppression technologies and tele-communication systems
  • Hearing aids, headphones, hearables and other personal audio systems
  • Speaker systems and spatial sound reproduction
  • Watermarking technologies

Standard listening tests and benchmark tests

The standard listening tests are performed according to a range of acknowledged recommendations, including but not limited to:

  • ITU-T P.800 series, ITU-T P.835
  • ITU-R BS.1534 (MUSHRA)
  • ITU-R BS.1116

If you need to promote your product in the market using independent lab validation, SenseLab offers an unbiased, independent validation of your products performance in relation to competition, and guide you on how to use it for marketing purposes,- or to improve the sound quality of your product further.

We apply industry recognized methods like:

  • Sensory evaluation methodologies (attribute-based test, CATA (check-all-that-apply), Flash profiling, etc.)
  • Triangle, ABX, Paired comparison, etc.

Unique and unbiased perceptual sound quality testing at SenseLab

SenseLab is a world leading independent lab for perceptual sound quality testing.

Since 2007, we have provided listening test services to the global audio industry by using our unique domain knowledge inspired by the world of sensory science. Our core services are based on our trained expert listener panels as well as recruited consumer groups to uncover the perceptual drivers behind preferences.

Besides listening tests and benchmark test, we offer:

  • Perceptual profiles for product sound quality targets
  • Identification of perceptual characteristics leading to consumer preferences
  • Consumer segmentation of preference
  • User experience testing in realistic environments
  • Modelling of dominating sound quality features
  • VR testing using 360 video and HOA sound reproduction

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