We offer impartial consultancy and carry out technical, financial and environmental investigations within heating with solid fuels, including biofuel and waste.

Our knowledge ensures a factual basis for decision-making in relation to legislative work and subsidy schemes. 

In Europe, there is an increased political focus on promotion of renewable energy and thus replacement of fossil fuels by bioenergy, wind energy and other CO2 neutral energy sources. The aim is to become more independent of fossil energy sources.

Technological development and optimisation are to ensure the goals

In order to reach this goal, Europe is dependent of continuous progress and optimisation within use of among other things biomass as an energy form. It requires a strategic and focused effort politically as well as a continuous technological development in the industry.

Therefore, it is important that decisions regarding legislation are taken and subsidy schemes are designed on the basis of careful technical, financial and environmental investigations.

Independent consultancy and expert knowledge within biomass and waste

Based on our many years of experience within biomass and waste, we offer consultancy to the authorities and carry through investigations and explanations in relation to solid biofuels and solid waste. Our services include among other things:
  • Consultancy on energy planning and potentials for solid fuels
  • Preparation of statistics, including investigation of consumption of fuels as well as related markets and technologies, for instance for wood and wood pellets 
  • Market surveys/studies either national or international with focus on technology, geography, need, previous development, framework conditions etc., which give knowledge on market development, growth forecasts, price development, standards, political framework conditions and the like.
  • Consultancy on research and development within energy technology, including especially biomass and waste in connection with clarification of challenges, or as basis for decision in connection with additions or renewal of legislation and subsidies
  • Representation in technical networks, national as well as international 
  • Operation of and participation in partnerships where authorities, in co-operation with a particular industry, discuss the framework of new legislation. 

Focused political and financial support

Part of the public support to production and development of the renewable energy sources is targeted technology development. Our knowledge supports both the authorities’ development of programs and participation of companies in supported projects.

Our competences within bioenergy and waste

We are experts within bioenergy and during decades we have worked as consultants for Danish companies and energy and environmental authorities. Our close co-operation with Danish and international companies, networks and authorities ensures that we can combine the experiences with the most recent knowledge on fuels, boiler technology and residual products. 

We have wide experience with technology development and participate in Danish and international development projects with the purpose to optimise technologies, processes and implementation within combustion. Internationally, we represent Denmark in IEA Bioenergy Task 32 Biomass Combustion and Co-firing and Task 33 Thermal Biomass Gasification.