Get both your tachographs and tools inspected in a combined service package for garages.

Combined tools and tachograph garage inspection

As a garage, you can get both your tools and tachograph garage inspected in one combined visit. This makes the inspection of your garage a smoother, simpler and more timesaving process.

Numerous garages have requirements defined in a quality manual that request a complete inspection of tools and tachographs. Our service package ensures that your garage complies with the requirements in the quality manual, when it comes to control of tools and tachograph garages.

FORCE Technology provides the service package in cooperation with CELF quality control. 

Authorization of tachograph garages

Your garage must be authorized in accordance with the existing legislation in order to handle tachographs. FORCE Technology provides inspection and authorization of tachograph garages that are authorized to install and control tachographs. We can also help to both obtain and maintain the authorization of the tachograph garage.

Inspection and authorization of the tachograph garages at FORCE Technology includes:

  • Data registration
  • Documentation of the educational program for the employees responsible for tachographs
  • Storage of the quality manual
  • Status in regards to verification of the equipment in the garage
  • Verification on the spot, if needed
  • Inspection report to the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency
  • Tachograph courses for the employees at the garage

Inspection and authorization of tachograph garages must be performed once a year according to the legislation. FORCE Technology offers to contact your garage approximately one month before the garage should be inspected. 

Certified garage control

CELF quality control provides certified garage control in accordance with the standard specification of the Danish auto industry on tools and garage gear, or in compliance with the quality handbook of the garage.

The inspection includes one or two visits yearly, and includes a report over the condition of both the tools and the gear. Furthermore, the inspection includes a registration of the measurement results in an online database, and as a customer, you can follow the development through statistics and registered results.

Inspection of garage equipment and gear includes:

  • Registration of measurement data in an online database that shows statistics over the gear and its quality
  • Labeling of the equipment
  • Implementation of traceable inspection regarding both national and international standards
  • An ISO 9001 certificate with the date of visitation
  • A complete report including any potential summary of errors
  • Traceable inspection of ao. gas meters, torque wrenches, tire pressure meters, compression testers, multimeters, various pressure indicators, vacuum indicators, etc.
  • Documented inspection of alignment devices and break rolling road.

Please contact us to book an inspection of equipment and speed graph garages.