Drones equipped with measurement systems are ideal and cost-effective solutions when it comes to measurement of methane gas emissions from biogas plants and landfills as well as Sulphur and NOx emissions from ships.

Drone technology for emission measurements has a great potential, as it is a cost-conscious and effective way to measure diffuse emissions in the proximity of biogas plants and landfills as well as from ship exhaust at open sea. The use of drones offers benefits such as:
  • quick deployment
  • large examination area
  • mobility
  • exact emission measurement
  • extensive data output 
  • high level of operator safety.

Measurement of methane gas

Owners and operators of biogas plants and landfills have a strong interest in knowing exactly where on their site the emission of methane gas in the greatest. This knowledge will aid them in making the plant/landfill more efficient and reduce their emission of harmful gasses to the environment.

Therefore, the owners and operators are interested in effective and mobile solutions for mapping of locations with the highest emission of methane gasses, giving them data on where to establish preventive measures – for the sake of the plant efficiency and the environment.

Measurement of Sulphur, NOx and particle emissions from ship exhaust 

The regulation of ship emissions was initiated in 2015 when the International Maritime Organization (IMO) decided on lowering the limit of Sulphur allowed in fuel oil from 3.5 % to 0.5 %. The NOx emission limit was regulated simultaneously and a regulation of particle emission is expected within a couple of years. However, it is very difficult for government agencies to enforce these regulations as they do not have the proper equipment at their disposal.

Now, it is only possible to measure the exhaust emission when the ships are in port. Therefore, there is a need for the developing of a cost-effective method for measurement of ship exhaust at sea. We have contributed to the development of a drone solution for measurement of Sulphur and NOx emission from ship exhaust. A solution that can be modified to measure particles as well.