Designing, building and verifying an intelligent drone for testing, inspection and repair of blades, ensure a time and cost effective Blade Service System.

In Situ Drone Blade Service system

An increasing demand for time and cost effective screening, testing and inspection method, is the foundation for the development of an unmanned Drone Blade Service system.

The Drone Blade Service system is an integrated system for landing on the blade, with a combined drone/UAV on a horizontal positioned blade. The UAV is incorporated with multiple testing and repair methods, to optimize on time and costs.

  • One tool replaces personnel and various equipment
  • Reduce costs – optimize accessibility
  • No personnel on blade
  • No personnel onboard turbine
  • Reduce risk
  • No personnel on blade
  • Mechanised repair
Drone Blade Service system


  • High detail level of information
  • Automated inspection
  • Intelligent Repair work
  • Quality Control of repairs
  • Documented testing and inspection
  • Documentation
All inspection data are digitally stored.They can be retrieved at a later date for re-evaluation or comparison with new inspection data.
The inspection locations and findings are plotted on a map where full traceability is ensured. All relevant findings are reported to the client for evaluation. The findings are evaluated against the maximum allowable defect sizes calculated by client.