SonoSteam is a minimal processing technology reducing the risk from foodborne diseases by use of steam and ultrasound.

The combination of steam and ultrasound is a new way of achieving rapid and enhanced treatment. With this technology, food and contact surfaces in food industries are treated without causing the entire food processing line to slow down.

SonoSteam processes use the “catalysing” effect of ultrasound that is able to disrupt the laminar sublayer and allow steam to reach the surface in super fast rates.

This means that microbes that are present on the surface are exposed to high concentration of intensified heat in the form of dry steam. Microbes inside the microstructures and pores are also affected, making this treatment much more effective than steam processes alone.

Thanks to the “catalysing” effect of the ultrasound, such processes can occur within just a second. At such fast rates, microbes are killed before the heat can penetrate and thermally damage the organic material.

Sanovo Technology Group has acquired the SonoSteam business unit from FORCE Technology as per June 1, 2020.

In the future, the SonoSteam activities will be part of SANOVO BIOSECURITY A/S. To learn more about the acquisition and the new owners, please visit Sanovo Technology Group or

This webpage will undergo revision to reflect these changes.