Ensure that your product is sufficiently robust to withstand daily wear and tear with a tensile and fatigue test.

Your product should have the strength to withstand a little bit of everything. Each day it will be pressed, worn, pulled and raised by many different loads and under various different conditions.

Although the product looks good, seems to work perfectly and has managed to endure your own tests, it may be difficult to predict how the product will react when your customers use it in practice. Perhaps your product is of vital importance to your customers, for example if it is used in a production process. Thus, it is even more important that the product can cope under everyday wear and tear.

You can be certain of this by having a tensile and fatigue test performed by FORCE Technology. We measure and pressure test your product so you can get clarity on whether it is sufficiently robust to withstand in the long run. You will also find out ahead of time, whether it is necessary to modify the product design before the product is launched.

At FORCE Technology you can have your product measured over several parameters: Pulling and pressure (constant and variable load), tensile strength, impact resistance and mechanical strength. The test may include components, sub-component, materials or entire products. Prior to the test you will be given advice from our experts regarding the optimal testing process, test setups and selection of methods.

Our test documents the quality of your product during normal use. In addition to preventing complaints and risks of faults and breakdowns, the tests can also be used as recognised documentation for approval purposes – e.g. CE marking.

Strategic advantages

With a tensile and fatigue test, you will gain a number of strategic advantages:

  • Possibility to adjust the design prior to launch
  • Lower risk of having many complaints and repair costs
  • Clear documentation for CE marking or other types of approval of your product

We offer

FORCE Technology carries out tensile and fatigue testing, and has advanced testing facilities for this purpose. We have some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable testing experts who focus on that you end up with a complete and successful result.

By collaborating with us for your tensile and fatigue testing you will get:

  • Tests which are methodologically correct
  • Testing conducted according to the standards that are relevant to your industry
  • Expert advice on whether any adjustments are needed to the test procedure or product design
  • Access to the great knowledge about standards, via our active participation in standardisation working groups
  • The possibility to expand the testing to include other parameters


Hørsholm and Nordborg

DIN 50125, ISO 6892, EN 10002, DIN50100, DIN50125 and DIN50145 or according to your specifications


Our tensile and fatigue test can be performed in a laboratory or on-site, where the product is located. Strain gauges (strain gauges resistors) are installed in-house on test objects and measuring equipment.


10 N to 50 kN
Temp -100 °C to +350 °C
Frequencies up to 30Hz

Tensile & Compression

0.1 N to 100 kN
Temp -100 °C to +350 °C



Danfoss products are fully tested



The company develops robust sensors with HACT tests.