We offer testing and approval of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for importers, manufacturers and distributors. This allows you to ensure and document that your product meets the standards so it can be marketed. 

Warning about fake certificates

Due to Covid-19, the market for personal protective equipment (PPE) is under great pressure. Unfortunately, this means that we are currently experiencing fake reports and certificates on PPE. We are aware that this also includes reports and certificates issued by FORCE Technology.

Because we keep all our original test reports and certificates, these cannot be falsified. When purchasing PPE, we therefore encourage that you obtain verified copies of reports and certificates from us.


Due to the high demand for Personal Protective Equipment in Denmark and internationally, many companies are currently developing, manufacturing or importing Personal Protective Equipment to help fight Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Temporary dispensation in relation to the CE marking of personal protective equipment

All types of PPE, such as facemasks, face shields, respirators, protective suits, gloves etc. must comply with essential safety requirements in accordance with the relevant standard. 

This means that Personal Protective Equipment must be tested and subsequently CE marked before it can be marketed and sold on the Danish and European market. 

However, due to the urgent need during the Coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission has recommended that the local health authorities throughout Europe use PPE without CE marking, if it has been approved by a national market surveillance authority. 

FORCE Technology has been approved national marked surveillance authority by the Danish Safety Technology Authority and we are thereby able to test and provide your product with a temporary approval, which allows it to be distributed, sold and used during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Multiple levels of testing for your specific needs

Many manufacturers are currently switching production to produce Personal Protective Equipment, while other manufacturers need to replace production materials due to supplier problems etc.  

We offer three levels of test and approval: 

  • Early screening of new products and/or materials
    We examine the product or materials and assess whether there is reason to continue the product development.

  • Simplified test and a temporary approval
    For manufacturers that have a ready-for-market product and need a quick approval for use during COVID-19, we offer a simplified test and a temporary approval. 

  • Full testing 
    For full testing with test report and approval ready to be certified and CE-marked and thereby also for use after COVID-19.  


Facility chemical analysis laboratory


Chemical analysis laboratory

In our chemical analysis laboratory, we perform characterisation and analyses of all types of substances and materials.