Through our user study, we collect systematic knowledge concerning users’ experience of a service, commodity or an environment.

Our services will provide you with:

  • market share compared to competitive products
  • less complaints and mistakes
  • less costs for support
  • less costs for training materials
  • less costs for training of users
  • usability
  • greater user-satisfaction, better image
  • longer life cycle of products
  • less demand for updates/re-work

In order to maintain the increased customer satisfaction, we ensure that you are able to:

  • arrange service-minded, intuitive and safe environments
  • design user-friendly products, technologies and services
  • handle training and specific user and customer needs.

Working methods

Through theory and methods of applied psychology, and depending on relevance, possibilities and your requirements we utilize laboratory studies, simulators, common communication tools or just paper and pencil.

Examples of tools are:

  • user involvement
  • user-focused innovation
  • measurement of mental models through modelling equipment
  • usability test
  • nudging
  • applied psychology
  • eye-tracking
  • observation studies

During the process, we will study and include applied psychology, knowledge regarding people’s processing of sense impressions, experiences, processes of thought, decisions, emotions and behaviour, including limitations and resources.

Our services are always based on evidence, professional evaluation and concrete provable experience. Through many years of cooperation with Danish and international universities and organisations, we have gained our competencies in user-behaviour, user-involvement and consumer psychology.