Welding technology services

Inspection of the welding work is crucial in order to obtain the proper quality. Our welding technology services give knowledge about how to optimise and improve welding processes, equipment and materials.

Our services

Audit of suppliers - steel constructions


With supplier audits, you are certain that your suppliers deliver the agreed quality. We work according to applicable international standards and your specifications

Certification & audits EN 1090/ISO 3834


If you wish to implement ISO 3834 or EN 1090-1, we can assist you in structuring your quality manual.

Certification of welders


When certification of welders and welding operators is required

Novel welding procedure development and prototyping


The development of a novel welding procedure can be time consuming and the implications and requirements difficult to assess. Let us bring your concept to actual prototype

Space technology


Space technology spin-offs give your company high-tech competences that will benefit your overall performance.

Welding consultancy


If you need to optimise and improve welding processes or find the reason for welding defects

Welding inspection


Inspection of the welding work is crucial in order to obtain the proper quality. FORCE Technology has welding inspectors with many years’ experience to assist you

Welding procedures


If welding procedures are requested FORCE Technology may assist your company in qualifying welding procedures for welding on e.g. pressure systems and steel structures

WPS - Welding Procedure Specification


If a Welding Procedure Specification, WPS is required to perform the welding work we can assist your company in preparing it, enabling your welders to carry out the job

Keys to welding

We publish keys for welding within the fields of:
  • Key to quality control of welding work 
  • Key to certification of welders and welding operators
  • Key to qualification at welding procedure specification testing
  • Key to welding of steel structures.

Contact your local FORCE Technology department if you wish to receive the welding keys free of charge.

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Standards — a key prerequisite


Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

The Ariane 6 rocket has passed an important milestone


The rocket engine for Ariane 6 has been testen with success.

Laser welding

Laser welding is available in the production for SME´s


Laser welding is available in the production to SME's to improve their competitiveness and many are now implementing laser welding showed R&D project.

eQ 1090

eQ1090 online tool for welding production wins prize


eQ1090, the electronic quality management tool wins prize for making it easier for companies to get EN 1090-1 certified when CE labelling is required.

FORCE Technology supported Sinopec with materials and welding technology


FORCE Technology supported Sinopec with material and welding technology for a gas field with very corrosive gas to minimise corrosion attacks and leakage.

Health check at Statoil refinery

Health check on refinery


Conditions assessments are performed regularly on processing equipment. FORCE Technology examined Statoil´s pressurised equipment during shutdown at the refinery.

Knowledge coupon improves product productivity and potential

Knowledge coupon improves the product, the productivity and the potential


Thermal spraying improves wear and metallurgical properties on ploughshares and hence Mølbro increases and improves production without compromising the quality.

Electrify the energy technology of tomorrow

Power on tomorrow's energy technology


Topsoe Fuel Cell, Risø and FORCE Technology bring fuel cell technology to the market: purer, with longer service life, affordable – and flexible.

Track market, platform, passenger, waiting time, Banedanmark

Welding competences on track


FORCE Technologys customised welding education with a high tecnnical level increases competences for Banedanmark´s welders.