FORCE Technology was selected by Stiesdal Offshore to do the CP design of the TetraSub floating offshore foundation.

13 January 2023

FORCE Technology, the trusted Cathodic Protection (CP) service provider for subsea industries, was selected by Stiesdal Offshore to do the CP design of the TetraSub floating offshore foundation. Earlier, FORCE Technology also did the CP design of the TetraSpar Demonstrator, another variant of Stiesdal Offshore’s Tetra floating foundation technology brought to full scale test by Stiesdal, Shell, RWE and TEPCO. These are ground-breaking concepts for floating wind energy production which, with their modular design, significantly reduces installation costs.

FORCE Technology's work included CP designs of all external surfaces, as well as internal protection of some compartments of the TetraSpar Demonstrator. The CP designs were verified by FORCE Technology's renowned software SeaCorr, which has the most extensive track record in the industry. The CP modelling verified that all parts of the structures were adequately protected and will remain so throughout the design life and most likely well beyond.

The modelling enabled Stiesdal Offshore to optimise anode locations to suit fabrication requirements, resulting in cost-effective solutions without compromising the protection level. Also, the protection in the narrow flexible TetraSpar Demonstrator nodes was verified, along with recommendations related to grouting of the TetraSub nodes.

In addition to the work related to CP, FORCE Technology has also performed corrosion reviews in the TetraSpar and TetraSub projects and assisted in defining the overall corrosion protection strategy. New design details, coating specifications and castings are some of the items that were carefully reviewed and adjusted during the design phase to ensure ideal corrosion protection.

The project with Stiesdal Offshore is very important for us, as part of our strategy to offer our market leading CP competence, products and services to enter the renewable market. We see a large potential to help our customers in the offshore wind market to obtain their goals to reduce both cost and environmental footprint / FORCE Technology