Four years of demanding research & development has resulted in the world’s most sensitive underwater sensor; FiGS®. And the man behind the technology, Jens Christofer Werenskiold, is continuing his work.

“Developing FiGS® was particularly demanding because all the components had to be specially designed to work at a depth of 3,000 metres. We’re talking material selection down to individual screws. Our success depended on FORCE Technology’s specialist knowledge in corrosion protection and other areas. My boss always believed in the product, as did our partners. Being surrounded by people who believe in you and the project is a powerful driving force.

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Jens Christofer Werenskiold, Principal Engineer, Corrosion & Materials Technology

Now we are a four-person team working to enhance the electronics and tailor FiGS® for inspection of all types of underwater structures. The software is also continually being developed and optimised so we can generate faster results for our customers.

At FORCE Technology Norway, I’ve had a great deal of freedom to work with R&D and the opportunity to be involved in the entire process. I feel a sense of pride every time my colleagues and I achieve something.

Our most recent breakthrough was in 2015, when FiGS® conducted its first inspection of a so-called Christmas tree — in 3D! A Christmas tree, which controls the flow of the oil well, has a very large number of pipes and pipelines connected. So the inspection is extremely demanding. But we have even more R&D projects lined up.”

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