A flexible riser consists of several layers. One of these layers is a polymer sheath that is designed to protect the steel carcass. In order to reduce risks associated with loss of integrity or unnecessary inspection or replacements, we offer a more strategic and cost effective solution.

Thor Valsø-Jørgensen has been working as a Sales Manager with FORCE Technology for almost two years now, and he is sharing some of his experiences with integrity management of flexible risers – more specifically PCM – a system that allows operators to make more educated estimates with regards to remaining service life and status of their flexible risers.

“It’s been an experience working within the field of monitoring towards this sector. The market is still in a phase where there is room for change and learning. Some are still working with the old principle of time-scheduled inspections and conservative design life expectancies. I expect to see a change and growing maturity within the segment over the following years.

Using a monitoring system like PCM allows you to not only acquire a representation of the degradation that the polymer layer has been subject to without shutting down the system, but it also leads to a reduced risk and an improved service life prediction. This is long-term cost-effective thinking - one less unknown variable.

The PCM system allows you to expose the exact same material to the exact same flow conditions for continuous monitoring and retrieval and analysis during production. We can either deliver this as a product or as part of a riser integrity management package.”