Whether your structure is ageing or still in the planning process, knowing how the reinforcement responds to time and physical forces is crucial to its integrity.

3 May 2017

Determining concrete condition

Through x-ray inspection, we can determine the condition of both the concrete as well as the reinforcement inside the concrete. That is, if there is any left?

Performing an x-ray inspection can be done during a routine inspection or if the loads have changed – such as an increased volume of water in a dam. The procedure is performed without any damage or harm to the structure. We also advise on materials and utilisation.

A variety of possibilities for x-ray inspection

There are several application areas, including bridges, dams, building constructions and many more. We offer both a cobalt and betatron examination.

The cobalt is an isotope that is used without electricity and can be used for depths up to 60 cm. The betatron is stronger and provides improved imaging. We also offer digital radiography with digital image transfer of results. Fast and reliable.

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