David Eklund shares his thoughts and ideas on HSE in FORCE Technology Norway.

12 September 2017

David Eklund has been working with Health, Safety and Environment in FORCE Technology Norway since 2008. He is passionate about creating a working environment that is safe and secure for all, and finds pleasure in working with systems, trying to discover better solutions.

Incremental changes

HSE is extremely important, especially when working offshore and in other hazardous areas. “Working with HSE offshore and in similar complex working areas forces us to stay on top of the game. Our routines and plans are well implemented tested,” says David.

Changing a longstanding culture is one of the main challenges. “As an example, we might have found a method that could reduce the number of unwanted incidents, but trying to change the practice and routines of people who have been working a certain way for many years is often easier said than done,” he says.

When asked to describe an ideal world, he proposes HSE where there isn’t a need for all the procedures – where the systems are so well designed that they provide natural barriers and checkpoints for any task at hand. This could prevent human error in many instances.

A best practice for HSE

A best practice, according to David, is to align any HSE work with the work performed by the Working Environment Committee (WEC). That way, all HSE work is streamlined, making it more efficient, ensuring close cooperation and engagement from both management and employees.

He proposes a strategic approach that is more long-term and goal-oriented; a strategy that emphasizes routines and incremental changes of time, systematically. He also points out the importance of being structured in ones’ work – being able to look back and forth to see the bigger picture in the scheme of things. When undergoing organisational changes, as most companies do from time to time, he emphasizes the importance of staying true to FORCE Technology´s principles and values in the development of new routines. Those make up the foundation for any work.

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