An interview with Espen Elvheim, Business area manager within Advanced inspection, reveals his success criteria within subsea inspection.

30 December 2016

“When dealing with subsea inspection, we are typically met with a new case each time that requires a unique approach. This demands a certain amount of understanding and expertise in combination with an intelligent and lean approach.

Most of our scanners are tailor made, but the components we use are all field proven and tested, and we can easily modify them to meet client requirements in a short amount of time. The fact that the technology is field proven provides us with an impeccable track record and we know that the tools will work under the given conditions.

Our staff is well trained to work under high pressure. This is important when you are dealing with time constraints, high costs and the interest of many.

Client involvement and trust in subsea operations

We make sure to involve our clients early – this way we secure that all possibilities and constraints are revealed as soon as possible, allowing us to work with or around them. This is something that we are very experienced with. We are very clear on what we can and cannot do – maintaining trust is essential.

The client cannot test or verify our services, which makes it crucial to maintain transparency and communication from day one. We emphasise simulation, testing and re-testing to tweak the equipment for optimum performance. This is also a great opportunity for the client to see for themselves how the equipment works.

A small success story

We were asked to mobilise our GRIM (grind-repair-inspection machine) scanner in only 2-3 months. The scanner was, at the time, equipped with technology that was designed according to standards that were more than two decades old. Today’s requirements with regards to accuracy, repeatability and control were miles beyond what the GRIM was designed for. However, the factory acceptance test (FAT) was a success and the client got their solution ready on time.

Take home message

We make sure that when we deliver our reports and results, they can be reviewed by anyone. We focus on maintaining a close dialogue and we weigh high competency, mutual trust and professionalism. We deliver solutions that are simple, clean and efficient – no bullshit.”