Verify and examine the mechanical properties of various materials and welded assemblies through destructive testing at top modern facilities.

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For whatever purpose your material may have, it is important to ensure that is in good shape and that it is suited for its purpose. This may prevent unexpected failures and reduce the likelihood of an abbreviated service life.

At our modern laboratory facilities in Kristiansand, we are able to make sure that you achieve an effective material economy. We hold several years of experience within destructive testing for a wide range of industries, including offshore, maritime, infrastructure, food processing and many more.

Through various types of testing, we secure that your chosen material is prepared and tested in accordance with appropriate material and application specification.

We provide:

  • Verification of material physical/mechanical properties
  • Material certification
  • Testing of welded assemblies in order to verify compliance between weld and base material
  • Verification of welding consumables
  • Failure and crack analysis

Modern testing facilities

Our testing facilities are among the most pristine and advanced testing facilities within destructive testing in the Nordics. We provide mechanical and corrosion testing in accordance with numerous of international and national standards, codes and specifications upon request.

Tests and measurements: 

  • Tensile testing (0-600KN)
  • Charpy V-notch impact test (0-450 Joule)
  • Hardness measurements (HV5, HV10, HV30)
  • Macro examination (1-50x magnification)
  • Micro examination including ferrite count and determination of intermetallic phases (50-600x)
  • Fatigue testing CTOD testing
  • Corrosion testing (ASTM G48 and ASTM G28)
  • Chemical analysis (Optic emission spectrographic, OES)

Consultancy and expertise

We offer our experience and expertise, tailored to your specific needs. Our variety of specialists within areas ranging from material technology, integrity management to monitoring and inspection make us a competent supplier and partner to industries worldwide. 

We can assist with:

  • Determination of test requirements and test scope
  • Determination of test acceptance requirements
  • Development of test and sampling sketch 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive some more information, or if you have any questions or inquiries.

Destructive testing
Destructive testing
Destructive testing
Destructive testing
Destructive testing
Destructive testing
Destructive testing