Monitoring and modelling of air pollution is essential in the management of ambient air quality. We have more than 40 years of experience with research and development of air pollution.

Air quality monitoring ensures basis for decisions

Studies based on air quality measurements or modelling are typically used in order to assess to the compliance with the relevant limit values for ambient air quality, as given in e.g. the EU’s Air Quality Directives. Measurements of air quality are often needed to ensure the basis for decisions of initiatives to improve air quality and to measure the effect of these initiatives.

FORCE Technology advises on and implements: 

  • measurement and modelling of ambient air quality, e.g. in environments affected by air pollution from ships, cars, trains and airplanes
  • measurement of air quality in indoor air, including particulate matter and gasses in occupational environments.

Since 1997, FORCE Technology has been appointed as the National Danish Reference Laboratory for Air Emission Monitoring by the Danish EPA. We have 33 experts and technicians who advise and provide a better basis for decisions in relation to air quality monitoring.

We assure you the highest level of knowhow, quality and customer focus, as we: 

  • provide online access to measurement data
  • participate actively in European standardisation in the field of air quality
  • perform analysis in our own laboratories to ensure a fast service
  • work continuously on developing new measurement methods
  • perform accredited ambient air quality measurements.

International training and knowledge building within air quality monitoring

We offer our expertise and knowledge concerning monitoring and assessment of air quality for international assignments.

We offer:

  • extensive education programs to environmental regulatory authorities and laboratories
  • help and participation in establishing reference laboratories
  • capacity building and education of employees
  • procurement of instrumentation and calibration equipment
  • assistance in establishing standard operating and quality control procedures.

FORCE Technology has participated in establishing reference laboratories in countries in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Read your air quality measurement results on-line

We perform measurements of ambient air quality by using instrumentation according to reference methods in the EU air quality directives. We also perform dispersion modelling in order to assess compliance with current limit values, and/or to prove the effect of actions to mitigate air pollution.

We offer short or long-range air quality monitoring campaigns. Data are automatically transmitted from the measuring stations to a password-secured website.

FORCE Technology offers air quality measurements, calculations and advice within:

  • Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5)
  • Ultra-fine particles (PN)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx), including NO2
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Furthermore, we offer measurements from diffuse emissions in industrial production, e.g. dust from gravel pits (dust fallout) or volatile organic compounds (VOC) from refineries or tank farms.

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Measurement and assessment of indoor air quality and work environment

Air pollution in indoor/occupational environments can affect health, productivity and job satisfaction of the employees.

We provide measurements, surveys and consultancy within:

  • Particulate matter in working environments
  • Inorganic gasses and volatile organic compounds
  • Intrusion of vapors from soil pollution into buildings.

We offer consultancy within indoor air quality, ventilation and energy savings. Contact our consultants to get started.