Drone inspection provides high resolution images and video of otherwise inaccessible areas of your platform.

Benefits of drone inspection

Using one of our drone inspection solutions for visual inspection, provide benefits such as:

  • inspection of areas difficult to access
  • preventive maintenance planning and optimised production
  • access to areas that pose HSE risk to humans
  • fast response time
  • quick on-site deployment of the inspection system
  • authorized and qualified inspection personnel
  • reduced downtime.

Drone inspection of offshore constructions

Inspection of critical areas on offshore constructions often requires rope access and shutdown of critical processes. By employing a drone, we can access areas that pose HSE risks faster and safer.


The remote control feature enables both pilot and inspector to distance themselves from the danger zone, allowing drone inspection of high risk areas, such as a flare and its tower. Detailed images of critical components can be obtained, without disturbing the process.


The drone’s ability to look up is particularly useful when inspecting bridges. Flying underneath the bridge and inspecting for damages in the concrete, corrosion etc. without the cost of e.g. a rope access team makes drone inspection an attractive alternative.