FORCE Technology Norway has been awarded a long-term contract, with inspection of Chevron’s many offshore assets in Angola.

7 August 2023

FORCE Technology has joined forces with tech company BeyonC, to use mini Remotely-Operated-Vehicles (ROVs) that combined with our own world leading FiGS® sensor technology and it’s unique non-contact capabilities, provides accurate data regarding Cathodic Protection (CP).

FiGS® integrated with mini ROVs provides high value as a cost-effective option not requiring vessel with additional personnel for ROV deployments, faster inspections and minimizing the use of divers substantially reducing the environmental footprint.

Subsea assets deteriorate over time and frequent surveys are required to follow their condition. Performing CP inspections with FiGS® and mini ROV enables a much more accurate assessment of assets not requiring divers. We are proud to play an important part in assessing subsea assets conditions including having the input and tools to calculate both remaining life and recommend and provide measures to obtain operation within originally designed or extended lifetime. By enabling detailed visual data, we can contribute to timely maintenance and make sure our customers can make the most of their resources as efficiently as possible. This reduces health, safety and environment risks as well as costs. Håkon Hallem / FORCE Technology Norway's Managing Director
Mini rov
A team of two can deploy a mini ROV.
Mini ROV
Mini ROVs like this help inspect subsea assets.