Through a multidisciplinary approach and advanced technology, we optimised a closed cage fish farming system designed for the future.

AkvaDesign is a Norwegian Aquaculture research & development company in the late phase of creating a unique concept for closed cage fish farming that allows for a green eco system unlike any other. They wanted a solution that was completely optimised in terms of design and materials, in addition to being eco-friendly. This is where we came in.

In 2015, FORCE Technology Norway took on the task of performing structural analyses of AkvaDesign’s facilities at Sæterrosen. This accumulated in a robust design that allows fish to thrive healthy and lice free and waste to be recycled.

After the Sæterrosen success, AkvaDesign wanted to take it one step further. They wanted to find out whether the design was capable of withstanding rougher conditions. A new facility was built in 2018 at Hamsundet and FORCE Technology Norway was offered the task of documenting its technical capabilities.

Challenge accepted. A set of 12 closed cages were equipped with a total of 44 sensors carefully placed to measure forces and movements in the structure. To register environmental loads, NORTEK sensors were installed on the seabed to measure waves and currents. Further to that, a GPS and wind recorder was installed.

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Real & modelled facility as seen from above.

We created a full-scale model test where all loads and responses were registered; these data were registered and uploaded to a cloud-based system in real time. With a large set of data, we were able to calibrate the model, providing a much more accurate representation of the facility, and reducing the time spent on modelling and simulations. Because this approach allows one to fully optimise the design, it is perfect for new facilities.

The results from this particular study showed that AkvaDesigns facilities at Hamsundet works perfectly and the structure proved to be even more robust than previously documented. They have finished their first cycle and are now in their second one. The technical reports from FORCE Technology Norway is part of an application to convert development approvals into general fish farming approvals. If they succeed, AkvaDesign would be the first company to meet all requirements.

We are sure they will succeed.