We approach environmental challenges and conduct activities in a manner minimizing adverse effects on the environment and contributing to the development of environmentally friendly technologies.

Activities within FORCE Technology have a relatively low environmental footprint. However, we take responsibility for our environmental aspects and continuously work to improve our processes and reduce our environmental impacts, in accordance with our QHSE policy and goals. To keep track of our consumption, we keep environmental accounts. We also risk assess our consumption towards the environmental effects. Based on this output, the effectiveness of decided measures is evaluated annually. KPI is also used to monitor the progress and effect of measures during the processes.

The following areas are areas identified as areas to be assessed and monitored in our environmental risk assessment. All aspects with moderate and serious risks shall be followed up and monitored in accordance with our procedures for risk assessment. Based upon our risk assessment the following aspects are relevant to assess. FORCE Technology has one operation with serious environmental risks – radiography work. This activity is performed within strict limits by trained and certified radiographers. When all measures are considered, the rest risk is assessed as moderate.

All environmental aspects with moderate risk are followed up with measures. All aspects with moderate rest risks are followed up with further measures. The effect of these measures is monitored.

Environmental aspect  Risk Rest risk
Ionization radiation (Radiography)   Serious   Moderate
Travels   Moderate   Moderate
Energy consumptions   Moderate   Moderate
Area   Moderate   Moderate
Chemicals   Moderate   Acceptable
Dangerous waste   Moderate   Acceptable
Paper consumption   Acceptable   Acceptable
Water consumption   Acceptable   Acceptable
Batteries   Acceptable   Acceptable

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