We take QHSE seriously, which means that we set high standards for a strong safety culture and the independence and integrity of our employees.


We take QHSE seriously, which means that we set high standards for a strong safety culture the independence and integrity of our employees. And we are ISO 9001 certified.

The overall assurance system incorporates subsystems for quality assurance, environmental assurance etc.

Ownership of the quality system lies in the actual organisation, where the industry experts are responsible for their own areas. Our Swedish and Norwegian subsidiaries use the same assurance system, adapted to their technical activities and national regulations.

The objectives of our quality assurance system are:
  • to develop flexible solutions that can support our customers’ specific needs.
  • to promote close cooperation with customers and other stakeholders.
  • to achieve broad recognition as a trusted service institute with a high level of integrity.
  • to continuously develop and improve our services and quality system in order to best meet market needs.
We work to achieve our objectives by:
  • establishing and maintaining a high level of knowledge and practical skills in our business areas.
  • monitoring and regularly measuring customer satisfaction, and responding promptly to our findings. 
  • ensuring that our general quality policy and procedures are known and implemented.
  • pursuing and maintaining accreditation or certification in accordance with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 17020, where required or relevant.
  • ensuring that our employees are familiar with both the general quality documents and those specific to their business areas.


We value our human resources higher than any other. Therefore, we want to make sure that all our HSE procedures are thoroughly reviewed and implemented, starting from top-level management throughout the entire organisation.

We believe that by promoting transparency and openness in everything we do, we will be able to learn from each other’s experiences, dare to fail and thus continue to improve.


FORCE Technology takes pride in being able to work with innovative, large-scale offshore projects in the oil and gas industry, but we also understand what this requires of us. The offshore sector is a highly hazardous environment, thereby making safety an extremely important issue.

We need to ensure that personnel remain uninjured and in good health, but also to ensure that expensive and crucial equipment runs without faults or integrity breaches.

We comply with this, not only through our safety routines, but also through the services and products that we provide to our customers.


Environmental factors are considered  in all phases of our projects – be it chemical or radioactive substances, power sources or any other facet that may have an impact on the environment – they should always be considered with regards to risk, necessity and precautions.

This is a subject that we emphasize from the starting point when discussing and creating plans for a new project or deliverable.