Safety is imperative for us and our customers. Thus, we strive to meet the demands for security and safety through accreditations and certifications.

ISO 17025

 ISO 14001

Our Environmental Management System is ISO 14001:2015 certified. Certificate no 901670.

Designated Technical Services

As appointed Designated Technical Service our EMC laboratories provide testing according to UNECE R10.

The scope of testing includes ESA (Electronic Sub-Assemblies) and whole vehicles. We may provide test documentation for the e1 (Germany) and e5 (Sweden) scheme.

We are designated by:

National Reference Laboratories

FORCE Technology has been designated as a reference laboratory in the following areas:

Humidity measurement

Danish National Reference Laboratory for the main area Mass, Humidity. Subject area: National Reference Laboratory for Humidity.

Appointed by the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

External noise 

National Reference Laboratory for external noise.

Appointed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

EU Notified Body

FORCE Technology is Notified Body according to the directives/regulations listed here: