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Reducing operational uncertainty in gas transfers


Importance of managing fiscal risk in large volume gas custody transfer

3D printing technology needs new standards


How is the quality for standards of new modes of production, such as 3D printing and Additive manufacturing assured?

Krav specifikation produktudvikling spot

Requirements for reliability of electronic products


Does your company waste resources by not specifying exactly what needs to be developed?

Cellstructure origínal size

Cyber security in industrial security systems


Consider these requirements for cybersecurity in industrial security systems.

System or module level testing of electronics?


To achieve the most effective test in electronics development, your test can be tailored to the product development stage.

Risk and safety management for medical devices


How to handle risk and safety management when you develop medico devices.

Products car mud rocket electronic

Reliability based on a ’jungle’ of tools


How to choose the right reliability tools for your electronic products.

The effect of voltage drop on electrical appliances


Can electronics handle the voltage? Read more about the effect of voltage drop on electrical appliances.

More expanded form of the model equation

Uncertainty explained: Uncertainty budgets


Which factors are important to know and address when working with uncertainty budgets?

Length compensator at the world's largest closed loop.

Uncertainty explained: How is a calibration result reached?


In order to understand uncertainty calculations, it is necessary to know how a calibration result is reached.

How to develop IoT products in predefined IoT ecosystems

Developing IoT products


How to develop IoT products in predefined IoT ecosystems.

Climatic test of large structures

When full-scale system test becomes huge


At the Lindoe Component and Structure Testing centre we run full-scale system tests of huge items.

Hospital bed

Approval of medical devices with radio


Read about EMC risk considerations and how they work in conjunction with performance requirements and tests.

Products car mud rocket electronic



New research project investigates successful product reliability strategies.

Noise pollution GIS map

Traffic noise is dangerous to our health


Every year, at least 200-500 Danes die prematurely due to traffic noise – but what do we do about it?

reliability lab facilities

Reliability strategies and tools


Do you know how to pick the right strategies and tools for the reliability testing of your product?

paalidelighed  reliability

Think reliability from square one


What is a good day when working with reliability?

Per Thåstrup Jensen, man

Modelling physics of failure mechanisms


Exposure of factors that influence the lifetime of electronics and outline a model for physical failure mechanisms.

Industry 4.0

IIoT & Industry 4.0


Overcome the barrier and get started - find out how.


Using electronics as a design material


User centered design in hardware prototyping.


Smart product design


Designing for meaningfulness in future smart products.

Man, pregnant woman silhuette

Hardware development and designing for smart products


Designers create a device that allows someone other than the pregnant mother to follow an unborn baby's movements.

IoT sensor

Powering IoT sensors using ambient energy


Energy harvesting may solve the challenges concerning battery lifetime.

Piezoelectric generator

Vibrations power tomorrow's IoT devices


Energy harvesting from immediate surroundings may extend battery lifetime.


ASIC power management for self-powered IoT sensors


How do we avoid battery changing?


Batteryless electronics


Get advice about how to get started with realising energy harvesting.




IdemoBits are a kit of electronic building blocks, that can be combined in endless ways.