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expansion joints

Are expansion joints on bridges noisy?


There is a reason to take the noise from expansion joints seriously - find out why.

WHO's guidelines for environmental noise

WHO's environmental noise guidelines for the European Region


Noise has negative impacts on human health and well-being and is a growing concern.

The sound of a motorway

What does a motorway sound like?


Find out how auralisation is used to explain the scope and impact of road noise.


Auralisations: The sound of road noise


Listen to auralisations of traffic noise i different situations.

Rendering of new port of Veracruz

Simulations used to evaluate the New Port of Veracruz


Simulation studies have shown how the New Port of Veracruz can increase safety and optimise operational efficiency for container ships calling the port

Per Thåstrup, EMC-test faciliteties

Radio requirements and the EU Commission


A status on the harmonised standards under RED, EMC and LV directives.

Listening test with a blind person

Optimal product sounds make products better


Sounds from products must be designed and should not simply be an 'incidental waste product’.

The working standards at the world's largest closed loop.

Uncertainty explained: How to calculate laboratory CMC?


What is CMC, and how does it involve the uncertainty of the laboratories? 

Jack & Jones, eye tracking

Better store design using eye tracking


A comprehensive eye tracking study shows how the customers navigate the store.

Advice about product approvals

Notified body


How do the notified bodies ensure a uniform handling of product documentation so that the result is more or less the same regardless of who is chosen on the EU list of notified bodies?

New and used target blocks

Pyroshock and satellites


Before launch, the satellite's equipment must be thoroughly tested with regard to the effects of the launch.

Photo 1: The new crane lifting simulator at our training facilities in Lyngby. The setup is equipped with crane training cubicle, 2 joysticks and 6 large LED screens providing a 180-degree view from the crane tower. To the left, the Jack-Up console and the DP console.

New simulator functionalities for offshore crane operations


New SomFlex4 software is useful for planning, testing and verification of offshore crane operations.

Patient, woman, health, sphygmography, sphygmomanometer

Healthcare and the Internet of Things


Remote monitoring in the healthcare sector requires interoperability of healthcare data on electronic platforms.

The six main steps in the preparation of a standard

The life cycle of standards


In general, a systematic review of each individual standard is made every five years.

Man, person, vibrator

5 tips for development of reliable and robust electronic products


Development of electronic products requires a 360-degree approach to reliability and robustness where all relevant failure mechanisms and external conditions, such as climatic, chemical, mechanical, and EMC conditions, are accounted for.