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virtual sea trial using rans cfd

Virtual sea trial using RANS CFD


Evaluation of the manoeuvring characteristics for a ship depends on different variables.

Maritime training on a distance

Train on a distance - new remote training


The COVID-19 situation has speeded up the development on long-distance teaching via cutting-edge digital courses.

green design of medical devices

Green design of medical devices


How to use the standards to develop green design of your equipment.

additive manufacturing am

AM versus CNC machining


Additive manufacturing saves money.

Iterative process hygienic design

An iterative process for good hygienic design


The article will presents a system that can help ensure good hygiene and cleanliness .

How can pharma benefit from learnings in food?


The food industry's guidelines for hygienic design can benefit pharma despite production differences.

CE marking of medical face masks


A guide for manufacturers, importers, and retailers.

Guidelines for EMC design

Guidelines for EMC design


How product developers kan avoid poor user experiences with new electronics products.

New IoT-standards to ensure cyber security


New IoT-standards must protect cyber security for products and equipment connected to the internet.

Ship simulator training of pilots and tug masters


Napier Port invests in a ship simulator system for training in a safer and more controlled environment.

Verification test of towing tank design

Thruster units and tug models


Offshore tests in a towing tank of two new tug models and additional propulsion systems for TCOM's tug models.

Hygienic integration and project management


Many of EHEDG's principles may have validity for a broader audience than the food industry

Hygienic integration and cleaning efficiency


Hygienic design and good cleaning procedures should be a top priority - also in the dairy industry.

Spot image Wireless communication and industrial systems

Wireless communication and industrial systems


When using wireless communication in an industrial context, reliability is key.

Today's so-called "wearables" include smart watches and rings — with ever-increasing numbers of sensors inside.

IoT as driver for a digital health sector


IoT will also affect our health sector. This requires focus on responsible design, safety, and reliability.

Joints and welds are a part of hygienic design. Poor welding can result in less optimised cleaning.

Hygienic design is important in new production equipment


When planning or optimising food and pharmaceutical production facilities, hygienic design is a must.

Advanced real-time monitoring in supply chains


How will supply chains be monitored and overseen in the future?

Reducing operational uncertainty in gas transfers


Importance of managing fiscal risk in large volume gas custody transfer.

3D printing technology needs new standards


How is the quality for standards of new modes of production, such as 3D printing and Additive manufacturing assured?

Krav specifikation produktudvikling spot

Requirements for reliability of electronic products


Does your company waste resources by not specifying exactly what needs to be developed?

Cellstructure origínal size

Cyber security in industrial security systems


Consider these requirements for cybersecurity in industrial security systems.

System or module level testing of electronics?


To achieve the most effective test in electronics development, your test can be tailored to the product development stage.

Risk and safety management for medical devices


How to handle risk and safety management when you develop medico devices.

Products car mud rocket electronic

Reliability based on a ’jungle’ of tools


How to choose the right reliability tools for your electronic products.

The effect of voltage drop on electrical appliances


Can electronics handle the voltage? Read more about the effect of voltage drop on electrical appliances.

More expanded form of the model equation

Uncertainty explained: Uncertainty budgets


Which factors are important to know and address when working with uncertainty budgets?

Length compensator at the world's largest closed loop.

Uncertainty explained: How is a calibration result reached?


In order to understand uncertainty calculations, it is necessary to know how a calibration result is reached.