Acoustics, noise, and sound quality

Consultancy services, test and measurements within acoustics, noise, and sound quality to ensure compliant products and comfortable environments. 

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Land rover

Electrified classic cars gain market access


Banke is testing electric driveline for EMC and electrical safety, ensuring market access.

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From single test to dedicated partnership with WSA


Hearing aid giant gets documentation for compliance with new regulations and market requirements.

listening sound

Partnership on product sound quality tests


FORCE Technology establishes partnership with Sound Hub Denmark to support sound innovation.

Compare noise levels on the noise scale


The noise scale shows how much noise different sources make to allow you to compare the noise levels



The noise calculation method can predict noise propagating outdoors, e.g. traffic noise.

The industry’s national sound and air LAB


Assistance in developing a healthy, sustainable environment and improved competitiveness.

Bluetooth SIG


Impartiality makes all the difference to the standardisation organisation Bluetooth SIG.

Download the sound wheel


The sound wheel suggests common concepts for sounds and their properties.

Product design using a virtual listening panel


Virtual listening panels designed to expand the opportunities within sound quality measurements.

Standardisation and VELUX


Standards ensure VELUX’s international market access.



Development of new tools to reduce nuisance from road-traffic noise.

Traffic noise is dangerous to our health


Every year, at least 200-500 Danes die prematurely due to traffic noise – but what do we do about it?