Acoustics are important for the comfort on ships e.g. cruise ships, luxury yachts and ferries. During your building process, our acoustics specialists help ensure low levels of noise and vibration.

Low noise and vibrations levels and good acoustics are key comfort parameters for passengers and crew on board ships such as luxury yachts, ferries, cruise ships, and commercial vessels. Although noise and vibration requirements may differ depending on ship type, in recent years, expectations have increased significantly, especially for the luxury segment.

Tackling noise and vibration issues in ships

FORCE Technology are experts in solving acoustics issues. Our acoustics specialists have many decades of experience supporting the international maritime industry. We are dedicated to help secure the required noise and vibration levels on board all kinds of vessels for the benefit of ship-owners, yards, passengers and crew and marine-sub-suppliers.

We can help you with:

  • drafting and negotiating building specifications for ships
  • analytical calculations of noise and vibration
  • laboratory measurements
  • acoustics and vibration measurements
  • harbor and sea-acceptance tests
  • trouble-shooting measurements
  • consultancy in all noise and vibration aspects

Your issues related to acoustics and vibration on ships may vary depending on which phase of the ship building process you are in. We can assist you in all phase - before, during and after your ship is being built.

Get help throughout planning, building and operation