Photonics and light

Photonics are considered to be one of the most important foundational technologies for the products of the future, making distruptive innovations possible. We offer a broad range of consultancy services within photonics and light.

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Improve food and biosolution productions with photonics


Discover how modern optical and spectroscopic methods can help you improve you solutions

photonics light optics

The Photonics Club


Join The Photonics Club and build a professional network in the field of photonics.

Standards for measuring the visibility of roads markings

Standards for road markings ensure safe driving


Geveko Markings use standards to ensure their road markings are highly visible for motorists.

Center of applied photonics

Centre of applied photonics R&D


Establishement of a photonics knowledge centre to ensure the competitiveness of Danish companies.

Standards — a key prerequisite


Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

News about LED, EMC, and ADCO


LED lights are finding their way into lighting products of all kinds. But what about the lifespan and robustness of the lighting source, and especially the power supply?


Benefits and challenges of LED lighting


LED lighting wins with low energy consumption and a long lifetime.

A longer life for LED Power Electronics


One of the greater challenges with LED lighting is the electronic driver’s robustness to normally occurring transients or power surges in the network. Many everyday examples have shown that the active electronics in the light sources find it hard to handle the effects in a use environment, in which incandescent bulbs and lamps with passive electronics have functioned fine for decades. A new project funded by the Innovation Network Smart Energy (INNO-SE) will characterise the electronic environment with regard to the occurrence of these surges.

Which factors determine lifetime of electronic drivers for LED lighting?


Gain an insight into which factors influence the lifetime of electronic drivers for LED lighting.

LED light

70 years of electric mission profiling


Read the article about the innovation project "LED power electronics to load!". The project provides interesting perspectives for calculating product lifetime.