Your products or production may meet a technological barrier, due to sensor-related issues. With Pathfinder, we can help you by applying, modifying existing or developing new sensor technologies.

Finding a path – or building a new

With our Pathfinder service, we assist you in developing your products within the field of advanced sensor technologies. 

Pathfinder is relevant if you face an issue where a given technology in your products or production has met a barrier - or is itself a barrier - so that it no longer meets current or future requirements. For example, you may have a manual and time-consuming process in your production, which can be performed smarter and more efficiently with advanced sensor technology, e.g. non-invasive smart sensors.

You may not have the know-how to lift or transform your technology, or to develop something completely new. However, we can help you with new knowledge and technology insights to assess which development path is optimal for you, in order to break through the barrier you are facing.

How does Pathfinder work?

Pathfinder usually involves two specialists from FORCE Technology. The team is staffed according to the technology and type of barrier that the issue addresses.

Pathfinder consists of two parts:

  • Problem and technology analysis
  • Direction analysis and recommendation.

Problem and technology analysis

The first step in Pathfinder is problem and technology analysis. The analysis is based on the specific combination of technology and barrier, and the purpose is to understand and diagnose why the barrier arises and why the technology is or creates a barrier. 

The analysis delves into the basic elements of your technology, comparing it to the specific barrier that you are experiencing.

Direction analysis and recommendation

The direction analysis assesses which path the company must take to solve the problem and overcome the barrier. Here, three possible paths are typically assessed:

  • Improvement of current technology using standard market components
  • Further development of current technology using new components
  • Development of a completely new technology.

Variants of these development pathways may also be assessed. The direction analysis and its assessments lead to a direction recommendation describing which path is optimal for the company. 

A workshop-based approach

Pathfinder centres around two workshops.

The first workshop is at the very beginning of the problem and technology analysis. This workshop takes approx. one day and consists of two parts: a part where the use situation of the product or production is observed, and a data collection part performed with key people in the company. Then follows the actual analysis part performed by the team, possibly with inquiries and clarifications to the company.

The second workshop is near the end of the direction analysis and also takes approx. one day. Here, together with key people in the company, the criteria necessary to choose the right direction are set out. This typically involves a brief review of the company's strategy, technological maturity, financial situation and opportunities, etc.

Pathfinder concludes with a report that documents the analyses and assessments made, followed by a recommendation of direction based on the documentation.

Scope, duration, and price

The scope and duration of the Pathfinder service may vary considerably depending on the technology and issue.

However, since many companies just need Pathfinder to move forward quickly and efficiently, Pathfinder is offered as a standard package that is implemented over 3-4 weeks at a fixed price of DKK 80,000. 

If we assess that technology or challenge is different from anything we have worked with before, we will have to adapt the scope (and thus the price) or the content. 

Pathfinder agreements are made directly between FORCE Technology and your company.

What happens after Pathfinder?

Depending on the chosen development path, we can also assist you after Pathfinder by making our knowledge and insight into the ecosystem available. 

Furthermore, FORCE Technology may act as a technological service provider based on our multifaceted ecosystem platform.

Examples of typical development paths:

  • Improving your existing technology will require new standard components and new suppliers. Here, we can help conduct a market scan, select the right suppliers and manage their deliveries.
  • If you need to go beyond standard components, we can facilitate a development process together with your company.
  • If fundamentally new technology must be developed, we can help you find the right researchers at the relevant research institutions. With the participation of your company, we can also establish and manage a research and development project.

Pathfinder is developed within Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies (CAST) at FORCE Technology. Learn more about the centre here and related sensor technology services here.