Every year we work with thousands of customers to investigate potentials, challenges or risks of their products, materials or structures.

This selection of cases describe projects that all have in common that they have ensured our customers' peace of mind and value creation, based on impartiality and expert knowledge.



Long lifetime from the start with Drizzle


Drizzle has developed a household appliance that can extract cannabis oil with longevity in mind.

Alfa Laval's ammonia combustion experiment in FORCE Technology's Lab

Helping Alfa Laval develop ammonia as future green fuel


Ammonia combustion experiment brings Alfa Laval one step closer to green maritime fuel.

Sivantos hearing device

From single test to dedicated partnership with WSA


Hearing aid giant gets documentation for compliance with new regulations and market requirements.

MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of flowmeters

EMCO Controls' choice for accurate calibration


Precise measuring instrumentation is imperative in the global custody transfer infrastructure.

PtX Power-to-X

Risk screening strengthens Power-to-X project


Inherent risk lists are a valuable tool in Hydrogen Valley's risk management.

Green ships with zero-emission fuel cells and hydrogen

Green ships with zero-emission fuel cells


Ballard Power Systems has been granted a type approval from DNV for its hydrogen fuel cell module.


Betech gains green knowledge


Betech can now document that several of the SME's gaskets can withstand liquid ammonia.


LAN cable manufacturer ensures safety and quality


Taiwanese PCNET has its LAN cables tested according to EC VERIFIED and the EU’s CPR requirements.

wind turbine blades

From old wind turbine blades to new products


Clenflex show that glass fibers and binder from old windmill blades can be reused for new products.

Digital twin at Kold College dairy facility

Better decision-making with digital twin


Digital twin helps staff and students at Kold College's dairy production facility make smarter decisions.

Fish deboning machines

IoT solution saves tonnes of fish and a lot of money


ReMoni's sensor system detects error signals in fish deboning machines.

ships ocean sea

Carbon-neutral fuel for maritime transportation


Kvasir wants to scale up production facilities for fuel in a corrosion-proof and profitable way.


Struers optimises their moulding processes


Struers has optimised the moulding of porous materials used in hydrogen production for Power-to-X

Trains iot sensor technology

DSB getting under way with IoT and sensor technology


DSB has gained knowledge on IoT and sensors to achieve cheaper, better, and smarter train service.

Ventil S06 post testing

AVK tests valves for use in hydrogen


AVK leads Power-to-X conversion and models hydrogen's valve impact.


Christonik ApS smart IoT solution monitor HVAC System


Innobooster kicks off Christonik ApS’s intelligent IoT solution to monitor HVAC System

Forward Repair System M/18

Compliance partnership strengthens Glaucus competencies


Expertise and technical advice supports Glaucus´ delivery of equipment for defense and police sector.

Test person

The world's first automatic swab robot is Danish


Lifeline Robotics has developed the automatic swab robot and needed help to get an MDD approval.

climate chamber

Radar antenna from Terma went in the freezer


A system that prevents ice from forming on radar antennas passed the test

Danish gas pipelines suited for hydrogen

The Danish gas pipelines are suited for hydrogen


Steel and plastic pipes for gas transmission are not affected by 10 years of hydrogen exposure.

ZCN with zerax section

A green and digital future for NOVENCO


IoT and big data result in a significant lifetime extension for NOVENCO's products.

NOVENCO had their Zerax fan tested. Peter Holt, Kristine Skov Ulrik Green.

Fans passed heat test at climate test centre


NOVENCO had its Zerax fan tested for an entire day at the test centre in Lindø Industrial Park.

BIG 3D printet model of Solna Business Park

The architects from BIG use 3D metal printing


A whole new world has opened up for the BIG architects, who see great potential in 3D metal printing

BSV tang til løft af beton elementer

Automation saves manufacturing costs


BSV Krantilbehør reduces manufacturing costs on core products by more than 10%.

Emerson meters are being prepared for calibration

High-pressure calibration of metering lines


Emerson are left with a verification that guarantees their customers accurate custody transfer.

Ariane 6. Photo: ESA

Ariane 6 takes off with Danish designed rocket nozzle


Rocket nozzle for Ariane 6 is made with fully automatic laser welding and sensor to guide the laser

Svitzer Simulator Facility in Freeport, Bahamas

Safe operation at Melchorita LNG terminal


Port study and simulator training ensure safe operation at the Melchorita LNG terminal.

Svaneke Bryghus can now print on the labels that the beer is brewed CO2 neutral.

Svaneke Bryghus is Denmark's first CO2 neutral brewery


With a verification report, Svaneke Bryghus can brand itself as a sustainable brewery.




Quality assurance puts patient safety first.

cookie oven

Digital twins of baking ovens


FORCE Technology teamed up with Haas-Meinke to create a digital twin of their baking oven.




Standards collaboration systematises security.

Bluetooth SIG man screen

Bluetooth SIG


Impartiality makes all the difference to the standardisation organisation Bluetooth SIG.

frames for weaving machines

Supply chain optimisation whith IoT solution


At NS System, IoT reduces downtime as well as the trouble of equipment hunting.

Rønne new harbour design

Successful remote simulation in Port of Rønne


Port of Rønne has carried out ship simulations over 2 days with remote participation via Teams.

Calibration facilities

Dansac improves their quality assurance competencies


The medical device company Dansac found a shortcut to increase their competencies in assurance.

Danfoss ISTA test

ISTA transport test of packaging


Danfoss products travel safely around the world with ISTA tested packaging.

Optimized unit

CFD simulation for NOx emission


Company redesigns SCR unit and decreases the amount of NOx emissions with at least 90%.

ForSea Hamlet ferry at sea

Sustainable ferry transport


Factual proof of low particle emission from ForSea’s ferry helps ForSea rise to a better environmental class.

Prototype of a sensor device logging vibration data and transmitting it to receiving device via Bluetooth.

A future with IoT enabled intelligent buckets


Sjørring Maskinfabrik investigates how IoT technologies can bring value across the supply chain.


Floating wind turbine platforms


WindSea A/S has developed a concept for large offshore wind turbines.

Standards for measuring the visibility of roads markings

Standards for road markings ensure safe driving


Geveko Markings use standards to ensure their road markings are highly visible for motorists.

Vandmiljømåling R Don

R Dons Laboratory tests water quality


Standards ensure that trustworthy water analyses are conducted by water test laboratories.

How to prepare for a safe working environment


Participants from Caljan and Vestas gained practical knowledge about work environment management.

Green Light House

Standardisation and VELUX


Standards ensure VELUX’s international market access.

Knowledge about odour standards at DAKA


Keeping pace with the legislation on odour measurements helps DAKA assert compliance with the limits


Knowledge of standards future-proofs medical devices


XO CARE uses knowledge about standards actively to future-proof their dental products.

Innovation in the health sector

User context aware technological innovation process


Glostrup Hospital achieved innovative technological solutions for their new rehabilitation centre.

Pucture of eggs temperature

Optimization of Disinfection Systems using CFD


Case study with focus on SonoSteam food disinfection systems

bicycle air quality

Measuring air quality in Copenhagen


Knowledge about air pollution gives Copenhagen Municipality a better basis for decision-making.

F-35 - image courtesy of Lockheed-Martin

Terma reduces materials and time spent through 3D print


Additive manufacturing reduces manufacturing time & material consumption for F-35 component by 90%.

LB Altimeters EMC og paalidelighedstest  MIL-standarder

LB Altimeters saves time in product development


Focus on standards ensures that product documentation lives up to high customer requirements.

Measuring systems for emissions from ships

'Plug & play' emission measurement systems


FORCE Technology's calibration certificates made the approval of Explicit's measurement systems easy.

The entire testing package was sent to FORCE Technology for technical approval


Instrumatic A / S wanted to expand this business to include measurement of emissions from ships but lacked a technical certification, FORCE Technology helped.




Avoid loss of resources with wireless sensors. Remoni is scavenging energy from cables to devices.

Man, elderly, dementia



A sensory memory game for dementia patients.

Meeting, men, people, COPD patients

Assistive technology


The Pacer - empowering COPD patients.

Work out

Muscle Minder


An investigation into how we use haptic feedback to create a mind-muscle connection doing exercise.


ERNIT - A digital piggy bank for the cashless future


Technological assistance to Haystack in the development of a digital piggy bank concept.

Bike, e-bike

Early prototyping for electric bikes


Better user interfaces and interaction on electric bikes for people with disabilities.

Eating, apple

.TIBA - Habit changing wearables


Design for meaningfulness in smart health care products.

Wireless sensors

Noise in open offices


Noise monitoring and nudging in open office environments.

IoT, Planters, plants, gardener

IoT in smart city planters


IoT and sensors for rainwater collection measurement and automatic watering in urban green spaces.

Mobile phone, bicycle

Donkey Republic


Hardware evaluation at Donkey Republic.

sika marine

Improved acoustics on ships


Sika Marine collaborates with FORCE Technology to find a way to reduce structure borne noise.

Concrete mixer, VM750L

Haarup Maskinfabrik


Sound emission measurements of concrete mixer documents machine safety to the authorities.

Wind turbines, sky, cloud

Analysis of noise from wind turbines


Do wind turbines generate more noise at wind speeds other than 6 m/s and 8 m/s?

School children, girl

FurnX noise-dampening school desks


FORCE Technology measured the impact noise of four different desk surfaces for the use of e.g. schools.


Noise measurements at the Airports of Swedavia


Acoustic measurements ensure that the airports live up to environmental authorities' requirements.


Listen to the future road


The Danish Road Directorate uses auralisation to explain how a new road will sound to stakeholders.

Railway, track,

Noise from the Ringsted-Femern railway


Mapping out noise and vibrations from the future Ringsted-Femern Railway.

Rendering of new port of Veracruz

Simulation studies used in evaluation


Simulation studies were used to evaluate the New Port of Veracruz.

Rendering of the new Champlain Bridge, Montreal, Canada

Test of new bridge cabel concept


Surface modification of cable ducts for the Champlain Bridge in Montreal has been tested in our climatic wind tunnel.

Cruise ship at Langelinje Peer

Air quality at the Langelinie quay


FORCE Technology has measured the air quality at the Langelinie quay, where the cruise ships dock.

Environmental Product Declaration for Hi-Con balconies


Verified EPD helps Hi-Con document the content of the two types of concrete balconies.

CFD optimisation

CFD analysis of DHI buoy in Little Belt


CFD is a useful simulation tool for carrying out a cost-effective analysis of various scenarios.

The Niels Bohr building. Photo by Pro Ventilation

Quality assurance of 2.5 km stainless steel ventilating ducts


Flexibility and on-site Optical Emission Spectrometry were vital for the completion of the task.

Cruise ship, arctic waters

Polar Code Training Course


The cruise industry is expanding, not only vessel wise but also geographically such as the Arctic.



The company develops robust sensors with HACT tests.

The wiser radiator thermostat

Schneider Electric


Approval management ensured the quality of Schneider Electric’s approval process.

Scandyna's overview of labelling requirements helped increase export



Overview of labelling requirements for export markets helped Scandyna increase exports.

Wireless thermostat



Danfoss uses IoT do-it-yourself test facilities to test new wireless thermostat.

The insurance industry


The insurance industry tightens the requirements for vehicle tracking systems.



Type approval paves the way for increased sales.

Electrical wires, fire



Could a short circuit inside your IT device start a fire? An electric safety test provides answers.

Elderly lady

EZE Electronic


If an elderly person falls, Sarita automatically takes action

Girl with piggy bank



Cyber security check opens export doors for virtual piggy bank.

Reverberation chamber



Mobile phones and routers are examples of electronic devices that can challenge a device’s immunity.

Fatigue testing



Danfoss products are fully tested

windows construction environmental product declaration EPD

VinduesIndustrien wants to ensure more clarity with environmental product declarations


A still increasing focus on environmental impact from building materials has caused VinduesIndustrien and Grundejernes Investeringsfond to initiate a project where the environmental impact from distinct types of windows are mapped in environmental product declarations (EDP’s).

Inspection of storage tank at CHP Skærbæk Power Station

Inspection of Øresteds hot water storage for k-weld


Phased array ultrasonic inspection (PAUT) of storage tank on the CHP Skærbæk Power Station.

Hydraulic force gauge from Ametek

Flexibility is the key to successful cooperation.


Being part of a large supply chain poses high demands for flexibility and quality.

Club La Santa pool area

Investigation of wind environment


Wind tunnel test of Club La Santa's pool area indicates how to improve the wind conditions.

CFD, wave pattern

Modern hull form optimisation leads to energy efficiency


CFD analysis is a efficient tool to predict the performance of vessels to optimise existing vessels.

Brisbane water depht approach channel

Navigational channel for ports


A deepening of the main navigational channel is regarded as a proactive planning initiatives.

Airport wind tunnel test

Wind turbulence test of Qaqortoq


The hilly surroundings at this location poses a challenge in terms of wind conditions and turbulence.


30" USM meter calibrated for the first time


See how a high-pressure calibration of a 30" USM meter looks like.


Flexible collaboration on AMS quality assurance


KARA/NOVEREN’s ambition is to be at the forefront, which is why the focus lies heavily on environmental and performance measurements, including AMS.


Lean tools for quality management


TextMinded Danmark has collaborated with FORCE Technology to achieve a higher level of quality management.

Test of dynamometers at Fanø Kran-Service A / S. Preparation of test setup.

Safe cranes on offshore platforms and ships


On-site calibration of dynamometers ensures a minimum of delay, reduction in time and money.

Nissen cooling system tested in the climate chamber at Lindoe

Stress test of cooling system in climate chamber


Lindø's climate chamber and Nissen's cooling system aced the test under real weather conditions.

Simulation geeelong Australia, FORCE Technology

The Australian adventure - Geelong


DHI contracted us to simulate the possibility to sail Suezmax tankers into the Port of Geelong.

Ship bridge simulator, Simulator training, teambuilding, FORCE Technology,

Training to become an efficient team


Bridge resource management training helped Dorian LPG’s employees become an efficient team.

Port of Vordingborg,  simulator study, port expansion, simulator studie,

Port of Vordingborg


Port extension opens new growth opportunities.

Acquadinamica, simulator center, simulator center, FORCE Technology

Together we stand stronger


Through collaboration with FORCE Technology, ACD can offer services to Brazilian ports.

Measurement of sulphur (SO2) and NOx directly from the ship funnel. Illustration by Explicit.

Drones catch environmental polluters at open sea


A new solution that quickly and cost-effectively measures the amount of sulphur in a ship’s exhaust.

Laser welding

Laser welding is available in the production for SME´s


Laser welding is available in the production to SME's to improve their competitiveness.

Maersk triple E training, Course, simulator course, FORCE Technology, kursus, simulator træning

Simulator training with Maersk Triple-E


The main objectives of the course is to ensure the understanding of manoeuvring.

Pollution, Beijing

Red alert in Beijing forces companies to shut down


New cost-effective clean air technologies are helping to make a mask-free life in China a reality.

With CFD simulations we can test the desulphurization of exhaust gases and cut emissions.

Cleaner air in China will improve the lives of millions


Through CFD simulations we help industrial companies in China to remove harmful substances.


19 shoeboxes connect Scandinavia to Europe


Banedanmark builds the Ringsted Line for high-speed trains.

Thürmer threaded pin in hands

3D printing of tools


Thürmer Tools 3D-prints tools and compares them to traditionally printed tools.

Wind test, ol 2016, track bicycling, banecykling, olympics, Dansk cykle union

Denmark may just win(d) gold at the 2016 Olympics


Even the smallest adjustment can lead to a medal at the Olympics in Rio 2016.

National wind tunnel, FORCE Technology, aerodynamic testing,

The national wind tunnel


This new facility will be specifically dedicated to both aerodynamic and aero-acoustic testing of wind turbine blades. FORCE Technology is involved in the design and planning of its operation.

Stad ship tunnel, simulation, FORCE Technology, , Norweigan Coastal administration,

The world’s largest ship tunnel in the making


We are working on a virtual version of what could be the world’s largest ship tunnel.

Port study, mooring, FORCE Technology, simulator, Port Said, engineering

Safe mooring distances create a profitable harbour


Simulation of mooring scenarios can help reduce the number of accidents in East Port Said Port, Egypt.

Testing the aeroelastic full bridge model in our wide boundary-layer wind tunnel

3D bridge model tests


Aerodynamic tests reveal possible adjustments necessary in order to build safe bridge.

Wind energy platform, turbine, wind tunnel facility, model testing, KRISO, FORCE Technology, model test,

Floating wind and wave platform


We are involved in a new project regarding a floating wind and wave energy platform in South Korea.

Multraship, simulator study, simulatorstudium, FORCE Technology, skib

Multraship - simulator training of Tug Masters


2014 Multraship Towage and Salvage, the Netherlands, bought a tug simulator from FORCE Technology.

Santrol Europe management system

Santrol Europe gets a Quality Management System


Employees and management at Santrol Europe ApS have gotten a practical everyday management tool.

Clean air in China

Signature paves the way for clean air above China


Supply of Danish clean air technology in China is agreed between Tongfang Environment and FORCE.

Emma Maersk, containers

Root cause analysis of water ingress into Emma Mærsk 


FORCE Technology assisted Emma Mærsk at finding the cause for failure of severe sea water ingress.

NDT in nuclear power plants

One hundred percent thickness measurement


The steam lines at Ringhals nuclear power plant are subject to periodic inspection.

Drilling rig

Hardness measurements raise the level of security


Examinations from FORCE Technology helped Maersk Oil find the cause of fracture of lifting gear.

Highway bridge collapses

When a motorway bridge collapses


FORCE Technology was appointed as head of the commission to find the cause of the collapse.

Plastic technology LEGO

Plastic technology imitates nature’s colour effects


FORCE Technology and LEGO develop plastic surfaces without use of environmentally problematic dyes.

Set-up of the probes of the AMS-69.

UT system for blade examination in Korea


Complete ultrasonic system for test and production control of wind turbine blades in Korea.

Rotor tug

Accurate simulation of rotor tugs


Implementation of complex models accurately simulating the performance of advanced tug types continues.

Bridge, spans

Expanding the possible


A test rig that can provide data for determination of the aerodynamic flutter derivatives.

Towing operation Belfast, port study, simulator study, havnestudium, FORCE Technology

Belfast tow out


The great thing about simulation studies is the possibility to perform trial and error exercises.

Ship, vessel, sailing, FORCE Technology

Sailing efficiently


We have a unique knowledge regarding the forces and physics surrounding ships.


New manning concept - safe manning


A new concept by FORCE Technology is set to change the way ships are manned.

Peregrino, ship, vessel, skib, FORCE Technology

Maersk Peregrino


Pumping oil from offshore wells requires a very safe operation as the costs of failure is immense.

Harbour, port, engineering study, FORCE Technology

Going east


Vi har leveret et simulatorcenter til besætningstræning på Gdynia Maritime University (på engelsk).

Performance of ships in service,  FORCE Technology

Performance evaluation of ships


Our Maritime Division has focused on ship performance for more than 50 years.

Smartship australia simulator centre, FORCE Technology

Smartship Australia


Maritime Safety Queensland contracted us to deliver simulator centre, for training of pilots.

About FORCE Technology

Hull form optimisation at the next level


We have taken hull form optimisation to the next level by incorporating the operational profile.

New technical guidelines Lala

New technical IALA guidelines


IALA guidelines are a document on how simulation tools can assist in planning and implementing AtoN.

Bulb compare, ship, vessel, FORCE Technology

Ship propulsion optimisation


Shipowners are focusing on performance of their existing fleet instead of ordering newbuildings.

CFD, water resistance, FORCE Technology

New R&D on added resistance in waves


Simulations play an important role in ship design and retrofitting to judge the quality of new design.

Norwegian Coastal Administration,

Norwegian Coastal Administration


Norwegian Coastal Administration chooses our simulator centre for training of their Pilots.

Wind tunnel tests on offshore platforms

Wind tunnel tests on offshore platforms


We perform 20-30 wind tunnel tests of offshore platforms each year.

Fehmarn Belt ship simulations, FORCE Technology

Fehmarn Belt ship simulations


In 2007, the Danish and German governments decided to create a fixed link between northern Germany and southern Denmark

Eastern Bosporus Strait Bridge, bridge model, wind tunnel testing facility, FORCE Technology

Eastern Bosporus Strait Bridge


We have been involved in aerodynamic testing of the Eastern Bosporus Strait Bridge in Russia.

Profitability of retrofitting your vessel, FORCE Technology

Profitability of retrofitting your vessel


Retrofitting provides the possibility to save fuel and stay competitive against newer eco-designs

Climatic wind tunnel, ice accretion, FORCE Technology,cable studies rain wind ice

Cable studies with rain, wind and ice


Large cable-supported bridges, have reported the hanger cables exhibit large-amplitude vibrations.

Tension leg platform

Advanced Vortex Induced Motions


VIM of floating platforms, such as semisubmersibles and TLP, may have significant influence.

Yding Grønt vegetables production

At Yding Grønt, the working environment is a high priority


A consultant from FORCE Technology has helped Yding Grønt with their working environment. Today Yding Grønt has an optimal system which benefits both management and employees.

The TwinEye X-ray measuring system performs complex measurements in the full circumference of flexible pipes for oil and gas extraction. The results contribute to ensuring and documenting the quality of the pipes.

X-ray measuring system for flexible pipes


TwinEye X-ray measuring system monitors pipes in Brazil

The X-act 630 is an innovative X-ray measuring system for the plastic pipe industry.

Innovative X-ray measuring system for the plastic pipe industry


The system provides manufacturers with the opportunity to optimise their materials consumption.

Water jet probes activated for control of alignment.

Water jet probe scanning system upgraded


Water jet probe system refurbished and upgraded to meet new demands for inspection performance.

P-scan AMS-1T steerable magnetic wheel crawler on primary tank wall.

Inspection through 6-inch access pipes


Technology Section performed ultrasonic and visual examinations of a high level radioactive waste tank.

The AMS-14 scanner set-up with ultrasonic probes mounted in a frame perpendicular to the pipe axis reduces inspection time from 55 to 11 hours per unit.

P-scan reduces inspection time with a factor of 5


Scana Steel Björneborg AB has supplied 18.5 meters long steel pipes, to the offshore industry.

The PolyScan X-ray scanner

PolyScan ensures a good night’s sleep


With PolyScan Dan-Foam achieved an improved control of their consumption of raw materials and got documented assurance that the density of their mattresses was as specified.

The TwinEye X-ray measuring in-line at LOGSTOR.

Another TwinEye X-ray measuring system installed at LOGSTOR


By developing, manufacturing and installing in line X-ray measuring systems in LOGSTORs production plants, we help secure a high and uniform quality as well as productivity.

The immersion tank, AMS-38, installed at Frisa Forjados in Mexico

Advanced Immersion Ultrasonic System


FORCE delivers advanced inspection equipment to the Mexican steel forging company, Frisa Forjados.

Example of a digital X-ray picture of a bronze sword from the early Bronze Age, c. 1600 BC.

X-ray examination of swords from the early bronze age


We have examined bronze swords from the National Museum of Denmark by using computed radiography.

The Ferry Boat to Antwerp, Jacob Jordaens

In the service of art


We helped SMK reveal secrets in the almost 400 years old painting “The Ferry Boat to Antwerp”.

The 2400 liters immersion tank scannner AMS-30.

Immersion tank scanner for ultrasonic inspection


The immersion tank scanner is designed to scan multiple objects, placed on the tank bottom.

Ferry, ship, The Bornholm’s ferry

CFD-optimised flue gas cleaning on BornholmerFærgen


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses led to the development of a flue gas cleaning system.

Public swimming pool, children, swim ring

Building inspection prevents leaks in public pools


Cathodic protection gave the condition of pools preventing them from break downs and injuries.

Subsea inspection

Inspection of tether string welds


P-scan Subsea Inspection System has been developed for operation depth of 400 m.

Metal delivery to water nickel from the drinking water

Knowledge is not all hot air


Corrosion in plumbing must be avoided to ensure good drinking water to the end user. FORCE Technology holds international key competences in materials for pipe installations.

Health check at Statoil refinery

Health check on refinery


FORCE Technology examined Statoil's pressurised equipment during shutdown at the refinery.

FORCE Technology supported Sinopec with materials and welding technology


Technology for a gas field with very corrosive gas to minimise corrosion attacks and leakage.

Nickel out of drinking water

Nickel out of drinking water


Products for drinking water installations are tested for metal release before VA-approval.

FORCE Technology employees

Water-proof evidence assists TORM


Metallurgical examinations from FORCE Technology proved that the microstructure in the material caused the extraordinarily high wear in TORM´s tanker engines.

Hamlet Rgb Scandlines

Longer service life is given the seal of approval


Metallurgical examinations of Scandlines´ pistons proved that the material was still operational.

Cfd simulation of the blue planet

FORCE Technology simulates the wind conditions on The Blue Planet


CFD computer simulations were used to calculate the wind flow when designing the new Aquarium.

Builders in Bangladesh

Clean water in Bangladesh guaranteed for many years


Condition assessment of concrete showed cracks in a new purification plant that had to be remedied to ensure the service life of the plant and clean drinking water.

Successful turnaround in southern India

Successful turnaround in South India


During turnaround thorough inspection and maintenance is carried out and FORCE Technologys competences within metallurgy, corrosion and welding come into play.

Scanner, wind turbine component

Successful cost reduction in the wind turbine industry


With assistance from impartial third party Polytech had their production process verified and was advised on choice of material, control and mechanical testing.

Solar cells ensure green energy from sunrise to sunset

Ensures green energy from sunrise to sunset


Aalborg CSP was advised how to select the right materials to avoid production shut down.


Ensures the foundation of the wind turbine industry


FORCE Technology assists DONG Energy in quality assuring the steel and coating of wind turbine foundations.

Wind turbine

Loads are measured on wind turbines on their knees


Strain gauge measurements provides offshore wind turbines that settle in the foundation.

New steam boiler saves energy in production of flamingo

New steam boiler saves energy in production


SCA Packaging Denmark have achieved major energy and water savings by building a new steam boiler plant with FORCE Technology as their technical consultant.

Gasværksvejs school - measuring device

Monitoring air quality at Gasværksvej School in Copenhagen


FORCE Technology measures the effect of the one-way traffic initiative by examining the air quality in 2014 and in 2015.

New standards for steel challenge everyone

New steel standards challenge large and small


Eurocode 3 holds stricter requirements to steel structures, e.g. bridges and buildings.

The Pirate Djurs Summerland

A safe thrill at Djurs Sommerland


Denmark's longest rollercoaster ride is tested and approved by FORCE Technology.

Endress+Hauser Promass meter

Pioneering work within legal metrology on flow meters


Endress + Hauser met in cooperation with us to face challenges due to the flow measuring system.

Subsurface Brace Welds Inspected Dry from the Inside

Subsurface brace welds inspected dry from the inside


The inside of the legs of South Arne in the North Sea were inspected with a scanner.

Subsea inspection

Surface inspection of damaged oil pipeline


In-line caliper inspections disclosed deep dents in the concrete coated steel pipe.

wind chill index

Wind chill index


A major challenge faced by our clients is to foresee and document the outdoor environment in order to reduce risk and expensive limitations in working time.

National oilwell varco

The service life of polymer products may now be predicted


New characterisation equipment is applied for condition assessment of polymer products.

Siemens flow Instruments

Good flow in Danish metrology


FORCE Technology helps Siemens Flow Instruments develop flow meters for different liquids.

Tivoli plastic cups recycle

Life cycle assessment of recycled cups in Tivoli


FORCE Technology has conducted a life cycle assessment of Tivoli’s recycling cups.

Rockwool stone wool

FORCE Technology examines the environmental and health profiles of stone wool


A life cycle assessment and a risk assessment performed by FORCE Technology, shows that Rockwool is competitive both environmentally and health wise.

scaled model, skaleret model, vindtunnel, wind tunnel, aerodynamic testing, aerodynamisk test, FORCE Technology

Cité des civilisations du vin


FORCE Technology was contracted to perform a wind tunnel study for a new landmark centre in Bordeaux

TCM Mongstad

TCM is combatting climate change through technology


TCM is testing, verifying and introducing new methods for CO2 capture technologies. FORCE Technology is involved as an independent third party in the testing process.

Agin full-bridge model in the 7.5m wide boundary-layer wind tunnel

The Agin and Nissibi Bridges Turkey


We have performed extensive wind tunnel tests for two new cable-stayed bridges in Turkey.

Becker Mewis Duct concept

How a fin and a duct save fuel


A growing interest in energy-saving devices (ESDs) at improving ship propulsive efficiency.

wave making rans cfd

Retrofitting a new bulbous bow


The challenges for today’s shipowners are both regulatory and financial.

Mandatory eedi, towing tank model test,FORCE Technology

Mandatory EEDI


Ship designs have been focused on fuel efficiency and footprint emissions for a long time.

simulated sailing of tankers 2

Simulated sailing of tankers


To validate a project to transport crude oil, we contracted a large number of simulations.

EEDI verification containership,  vessel, FORCE Technology

EEDI verification


Development and innovation are focus areas in the process of increasing the efficiency of ships.

Dynamic positioning capability, DP, , FORCE Technology, ship, vessel

Dynamic positioning in the initial design


An aspects for a operator of a vessel with DP capability is the ability to stay in position.

ship to ship transfer, overførsel mellem skibe, FORCE Technology

Ship to ship transfer


We offer simulator-based courses focusing on StS training for Marine Pilots and Tug Masters.

Laser welding as a repair method on Lynx helicopters  Foto: Lars Bøgh Vinther,

Olympic achievements kept the Lynx in the air


Laser welding combined with vacuum brazing proved to be an extremely competitive repair method for Danish Navy Lynx helicopters

Container ship

International failure analysis with eight involved parties


The container ship MSC Flamina caught fire.We are involved in the investigation of the fire.

High-rise buildings in Brøndby Strand

Status assessment of concrete gave an extra DKK 60m


Status assessment of concrete facades gave housing associations an extra DKK 60m for renovations.

Laser cladding

Repair, service life extension and short lead time


Laser cladding turned out to be the best method of obtaining wear-resistant compontens.

Office environment at Aalborg Forsyning

Measurements of workplace environment


Aalborg Forsyning experienced difficulties with indoor environment, but where did it come from?


Computer simulation behind award-winning biomass system


Computer simulation of combustion in biomass system contributes to optimal design.