Thousands of customers annually entrust us with their products, materials or structures in order to examine their potentials and reduce risks. The many co-operations result in a long list of cases from all over the world - cases that have ensured our customers peace of mind and value based on impartiality and technological expertise.

All industry cases

LB Altimeters EMC og paalidelighedstest  MIL-standarder

Saves time by drawing on expert knowledge on standards


With our expert knowledge regarding standards, you save time during product development

Glostrup Hospital – new thinking with respect for the existing context


IdemoLab contributed with technological ideas for Glostrup Hospital's new rehabilitation centre

The entire testing package was sent to FORCE Technology for technical approval


Instrumatic A / S wanted to expand this business to include measurement of emissions from ships but lacked a technical certification, FORCE Technology helped.

With FORCE Technology's calibration certificates, the measurement system is "plug and play"


Explicit produces sensor systems for measuring emissions from ships. The systems have been developed in collaboration with FORCE Technology, and with the calibration certificates from FORCE, the emission measurement system is an easy case for the authorities to approve.

Meeting, men, people, COPD patients

Assistive technology


The Pacer - empowering COPD patients.




Avoid loss of resources with wireless sensors. Remoni is scavenging energy from cables to power devices.

Man, elderly, dementia



A sensory memory game for dementia patients.

Work out

Muscle Minder


An investigation into how we might use haptic feedback to create a mind-muscle connection when doing exercise.

Bike, e-bike

Early prototyping for electric bikes


Better user interfaces and interaction on electric bikes for people with disabilities


ERNIT - A digital piggy bank for the cashless future


Technological assistance to Haystack in the development of a digital piggy bank concept.

Wireless sensors

Noise in open offices


Noise monitoring and nudging in open office environments.

Eating, apple

.TIBA - Habit changing wearables


Design for meaningfulness in smart health care products.

Price tag

Solar powered price tags to replace batteries


Cheaper electronic shelf labels based on indoor solar cell technology.

Mobile phone, bicycle

Donkey Republic


Hardware evaluation at Donkey Republic.

IoT, Planters, plants, gardener

IoT in smart city planters


IoT and sensors for rainwater collection measurement and automatic watering in urban green spaces and facilities.

sika marine

Improved acoustics on ships


Sika Marine collaborates with FORCE Technology to find a way to reduce structure borne noise.

Wind turbines, sky, cloud

Analysis of noise from wind turbines


Do wind turbines generate more noise at wind speeds other than 6 m/s and 8 m/s?

Concrete mixer, VM750L

Haarup Maskinfabrik


Sound emission measurements of concrete mixer documents machine safety to the authorities.

Railway, track,

Noise from the Ringsted-Femern railway


Mapping out noise and vibrations from the future Ringsted-Femern Railway.


Listen to the future road


The Danish Road Directorate uses auralisation to explain how a new road will sound to the stakeholders.


Noise measurements at the Airports of Swedavia


Acoustic measurements ensure that the airports live up to environmental authorities' requirements.

School children, girl

FurnX noise-dampening school desks


FORCE Technology measured the impact noise of four different desk surfaces for the use of e.g. schools.

Rendering of the new Champlain Bridge, Montreal, Canada

Test of new bridge cabel concept


A new concept for surface modification of cable ducts designed for the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal, Canada, has been tested in our climatic wind tunnel.

Cruise ship at Langelinje Peer

Air quality at the Langelinie quay


FORCE Technology has measured the air quality at the Langelinie quay, where the cruise ships dock.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for Hi-Con balconies


A verified EPD documents the content of a product and its environmental footprint.

Arbejdsmiljolovgivning gjort simpel og praktisk anvendelig


Nyt produkt i stoebeskeen


Undersoegelse af staalkvalitet i FritFlyvningsVolieren i zoo


e maerkning raadgivning loser problem med reklamationer


Kvalitet og sikkerhed paa byggepladser


Energi og driftsoptimering fremmer groent image


Uafhaengig og specialdesignet test i fact lab validerer egenskaber


Opgradering af leverandoerer hos Siemens Wind


Viden om standarder er afgoerende for en optimal drift i affaldssektoren


Innovationstjek var startskud til mersalg og oeget omsaetning


fra skuffeide til produktnyhed jumbo stillads


Tantec skal geares til vaekst


Innovationstjek satte skub i teknologisk udvikling og oegede eksportmuligheder hos BELKI Teknik ApS


lean vaerktoejer foer kvalitetsledelse


Nanolink Verdensmester i sporing af vaerktoej


Revideret forretningsplan giver CleanTech Danmark AS stor tiltro til fremtiden


Vaerdistroemsanalyser har givet nye muligheder hos Gardit AS


test proevning dykkercomputer prototype linde werdelin


approval management certificeret test vela


CFD optimisation

CFD analysis of DHI buoy in Little Belt


CFD is a useful simulation tool for carrying out a cost-effective analysis of various scenarios. In this case example it is illustrated how using CFD can help spark ideas for alternative solutions.

The Niels Bohr building. Photo by Pro Ventilation

On-site quality assurance of 2.5 kilometers stainless steel ventilating ducts


Flexibility, metallurgic expert knowledge and on-site Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES analysis) were vital for the completion of the task.

Cruise ship, arctic waters

Polar Code Training Course


The cruise industry is expanding - also into arctic waters. For the cruising companies to offer a safe and pleasant cruise it is important that the bridge crew are familiar with navigation in ice filled waters. This is the essense of the new polar code training course developed in strong cooperation with Greenland Pilot Service.



The company develops robust sensors with HACT tests.

The wiser radiator thermostat

Schneider Electric


Approval management ensured the quality of Schneider Electric’s approval process.

Scandyna's overview of labelling requirements helped increase export



Overview of labelling requirements for export markets helped Scandyna increase exports.

Reverberation chamber



Mobile phones, routers, ID card readers, TETRA radios are just a few examples of modern electronic devices that can challenge a device’s immunity to high field strengths.

Wireless thermostat



Danfoss uses IoT do-it-yourself test facilities to test new wireless thermostat.

Traffic sign, speed limit, 40 km per hour



ATKI makes unambiguous requirement specifications in collaboration with their customers.

The insurance industry


The insurance industry tightens the requirements for vehicle tracking systems



Type approval paves the way for increased sales.

Electrical wires, fire



What happens to your IT product if the user drops it – is the equipment still safe? Could a short circuit inside the device start a fire? An electric safety test provides answers to this and much more.

Elderly lady

EZE Electronic


If an elderly person falls, Sarita automatically takes action

Girl with piggy bank



Cyber security check opens export doors for virtual piggy bank.


Ensuring efficient and safe traffic at the Baltic Sea


The EfficienSea2 project strives to make way for a more efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at the Baltic Sea with a new e-navigation platform. Our human factors experts have helped optimise the platform by analysing it from the users’ perspective through a usability test.

Fatigue testing



Danfoss products are fully tested

windows construction environmental product declaration EPD

VinduesIndustrien wants to ensure more clarity with environmental product declarations


A still increasing focus on environmental impact from building materials has caused VinduesIndustrien and Grundejernes Investeringsfond to initiate a project where the environmental impact from distinct types of windows are mapped in environmental product declarations (EDP’s).

Inspection of storage tank at CHP Skærbæk Power Station

Phased array ultrasonic inspection (PAUT) of storage tank on the CHP Skærbæk Power Station


Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) has been used to inspect the k-weld of a hot water storage tank on Ørsted’s (formerly DONG) CHP Skærbæk Power Station. The inspection of the k-weld did not reveal any failures or defects.

Hydraulic force gauge from Ametek

Flexibility is the key to successful cooperation with sub suppliers


Being part of a large supply chain poses high demands for flexibility and quality. Learn how FORCE Technology and Ametek cooperate when ensuring calibrated measuring equipment for a large international customer base.

Club La Santa pool area

Investigation of wind environment


In order to create the best possible training ground for their customers, the management team of Club La Santa is constantly looking for ways to improve the facilities.

CFD, wave pattern

Modern hull form optimisation leads to energy efficiency


CFD analysis is a fast and efficient tool to predict the performance of vessels before they are built and to optimise existing vessels. For Karstensens Skibsværft, this analysis is central in the design phase of new, energy-efficient vessels.

Brisbane water depht approach channel

Navigational channel for ports


A potential and expensive deepening of the main navigational channel is regarded as one of several proactive planning initiatives

Airport wind tunnel test

Wind turbulence test of Qaqortoq


The hilly surroundings at this location poses a challenge in terms of wind conditions and turbulence.

30" turbine meter calibrated for the first time

30" USM meter calibrated for the first time


How does a high-pressure calibration of a 30" USM meter look like? See the calibration of the impressive meter!


Flexible collaboration on AMS quality assurance


KARA/NOVEREN’s ambition is to be at the forefront, which is why the focus lies heavily on environmental and performance measurements, including AMS.


Lean tools for quality management - the key to optimisation


TextMinded Danmark have collaborated with FORCE Technology in an endeavour to achieve a higher level of quality management.

Test of dynamometers at Fanø Kran-Service A / S. Preparation of test setup.

Safe cranes on offshore platforms and ships


On-site calibration of dynamometers ensures Fanø Kran-Service a minimum of delay and a reduction in time and money spent on transportation.

Nissen cooling system tested in the climate chamber at Lindoe

Stress test of cooling system in climate chamber


Both climate chamber at Lindø Component and Structure testing and Nissen´s cooling system passed the test brilliantly as they were exposed to real weather conditions.

Simulation geeelong Australia, FORCE Technology

The Australian adventure - Geelong


On behalf of the Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA), Victoria, Australia, DHI contracted us to simulate whether it is possible to sail Suezmax tankers into the Port of Geelong along the 14 Nm long approach channel.

Ship bridge simulator, Simulator training, teambuilding, FORCE Technology,

Training to become an efficient team


Our Bridge Resource Management training helped Dorian LPG’s employees become an efficient team by enhancing their performance, work quality and safety.

Port of Vordingborg,  simulator study, port expansion, simulator studie,

Port extension opens new growth opportunities for Port of Vordingborg


The Port of Vordingborg has made a DKK-million investment towards becoming a regional port focusing on national and international shipping.

Acquadinamica, simulator center, simulator center, FORCE Technology

Together we stand stronger


A collaboration agreement between Acquadinamica (ACD) and FORCE Technology enables ACD to offer services that can help modernise the Brazilian ports.

Measurement of sulphur (SO2) and NOx directly from the ship funnel. Illustration by Explicit.

Drones catch environmental polluters at open sea


Danish IT start-up Explicit and FORCE Technology joined forces to develop a new solution that quickly and cost-effectively measures the amount of sulphur in a ship’s exhaust – even at open sea.

Laser welding

Laser welding is available in the production for SME´s


Laser welding is available in the production to SME's to improve their competitiveness and many are now implementing laser welding showed R&D project.

Mechanical test of large structures

Full-scale testing documents quality


Our climate chamber and mechanical test bench are ideal for full-scale tests for e.g. the offshore sector. An accelerated lifetime test documents product quality.

Maersk triple E training, Course, simulator course, FORCE Technology, kursus, simulator træning

Simulator training with Maersk Triple-E


We carry out ship simulator training for Maersk Triple-E container vessel crews. One of the main objectives of the course is to ensure that the participants understand the principles of manoeuvring with twin propellers and rudders, thereby promoting safety at sea and protecting the marine environment.

Highway bridge collapses

When a motorway bridge collapses


Mere seconds after a vehicle had passed the motorway bridge collapsed. FORCE Technology was appointed as head of the commission to find the cause of the collapse.

eQ 1090

eQ1090 online tool for welding production wins prize


eQ1090, the electronic quality management tool wins prize for making it easier for companies to get EN 1090-1 certified when CE labelling is required.

Pollution, Beijing

Red alert in Beijing forces companies to shut down


We qualify China´s five-year plans and with new cost-effective clean air technologies we are helping to make a mask-free life in China a reality.

With CFD simulations we can test the desulphurization of exhaust gases and cut emissions.

Cleaner air in China will improve the lives of millions


Through CFD simulations we help large power plants and industrial companies in China to remove harmful substances from their exhaust gas and improve the lives of millions.


19 shoeboxes connect Scandinavia to Europe


Banedanmark builds the Ringsted Line for high-speed trains. We have carried out welding inspections on the 510 m long bridge with more than 20 km weld joints.

Thürmer threaded pin in hands

3D printing of tools


Thürmer Tools 3D-prints tools and compares them to traditionally printed tools. We are testing the 3D-printet tools with fatigue tests and application trials.

Wind test, ol 2016, track bicycling, banecykling, olympics, Dansk cykle union

Denmark may just win(d) gold at the 2016 Olympics


Even the smallest adjustment can lead to a medal at the Olympics in Rio 2016. Learn how Team Danmark tested wind resistance for track bicycling and wind and water resistance tests on rowing boats and kayaks in our facilities.

National wind tunnel, FORCE Technology, aerodynamic testing,

The national wind tunnel


This new facility will be specifically dedicated to both aerodynamic and aero-acoustic testing of wind turbine blades. FORCE Technology is involved in the design and planning of its operation.

Stad ship tunnel, simulation, FORCE Technology, , Norweigan Coastal administration,

The world’s largest ship tunnel in the making


We are working on a virtual version of what could be the world’s largest ship tunnel.

Port study, mooring, FORCE Technology, simulator, Port Said, engineering

Safe mooring distances create a profitable harbour!


Using the knowledge of our skilled engineers, experienced captains and innovative simulators, we provided Port Said with a ruleset for safe mooring distances that will reduce the amount of accidents.

Testing the aeroelastic full bridge model in our wide boundary-layer wind tunnel

3D bridge model tests


Bridge model tests are an essential part of the design process. Our aerodynamic tests can help reveal possible adjustments that are necessary in order to build a safe and efficient bridge.

PROES, simulator training, FORCE Technology, full mission, part task

Taking simulation studies to the next level


Spanish maritime design and engineering company Proes combine the use of their own desktop simulator with the full-mission simulators at FORCE Technology in order to bring their projects to the next level.

Wind energy platform, turbine, wind tunnel facility, model testing, KRISO, FORCE Technology, model test,

Floating wind and wave platform


FORCE Technology is involved in a new project regarding a floating wind and wave hybrid energy platform that will be placed in South Korea.

Multraship, simulator study, simulatorstudium, FORCE Technology, skib

Multraship - simulator training of Tug Masters


In 2014 Multraship Towage & Salvage, the Netherlands, bought a tug simulator from FORCE Technology and in 2015 the simulator was installed and ready for use.

jacking up

Jacking up


We have developed an advanced simulation model to support the final lifting sequence of self-propelled lift vessels.

Santrol Europe management system

Santrol Europe gets a Quality Management System


With the new Quality Management System employees and management at Santrol Europe ApS have got a practical everyday management tool - although they are a small company in a large group.

Clean air in China

Signature paves the way for clean air above China


New deal about supply of Danish clean air technology for reduction of the air pollution in China is agreed between Tongfang Environment and FORCE Technology.

Emma Maersk, containers

Root cause analysis of water ingress into Emma Mærsk 


Emma Mærsk experienced severe sea water ingress into the engine room. Subsequently, FORCE Technology’s experts assisted at finding the cause for the failure.

NDT in nuclear power plants

One hundred percent thickness measurement


The steam lines at Ringhals nuclear power plant are subject to periodic inspection. So far, the thickness has been measured manually by using ultrasound, but now tests have been made with the mechanized T-scan system.

Green innovation sustainable development

LCA at Genan


Positive environmental impacts from recycling tires for Genan. 

Hardness measurements raise the level of security


Metallurgical examinations from FORCE Technology helped Maersk Oil in finding the cause of fracture of lifting gear and security is now increased at Maersk rigs.

Plastic technology imitates nature’s colour effects


FORCE Technology and LEGO develop coloured plastic surfaces without use of environmentally problematic dyes or colour pigments as part of a major research project on plastics supported by the Højteknologifonden (The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation).

Complete ultrasonic system for test and production control of wind turbine blades in Korea.


Korea Institute for Material Science, KIMS-WTRC, is the first Korean buyer of a complete ultrasonic system for examination of wind turbine blades.

Accurate simulation of rotor tugs


The development and implementation of complex models accurately simulating the performance of advanced tug types continues.

The art of lying completely still


For advanced offshore operations, position-keeping becomes more and more important.

Sailing efficiently


With more than 50 years of experience with hydro- and aerodynamic testing, we have a unique knowledge regarding the forces and physics surrounding ships.

Belfast tow out


The great thing about simulation studies is the possibility to perform trial and error exercises over and over again, until you are perfectly ready to perform the operation at sea.

Maersk Peregrino


Pumping oil from offshore wells requires a very safe operation as the costs of failure is immense - both economically and environmentally.

Expanding the possible


We have developed a new test rig that can provide data for determination of the aerodynamic flutter derivatives in a fast and efficient manner. For instance, in connection with the design of flexible structures such as long-span bridges. 

New manning concept - safe manning


A new concept by FORCE Technology is set to change the way ships are manned. The concept is called safe manning and is a function-based approach to manning of ships.

Smartship Australia


In June 2010, Maritime Safety Queensland contracted us to deliver the most modern and professional simulator centre possible for training of pilots and tug masters.

Going east


In the early spring of 2011, Gdynia Maritime University, contracted us to deliver a modern and professional simulator centre for training of crew.

Performance evaluation of ships


In recent years, the maritime world has focused on ship performance, but for our Maritime Division this topic has been on the agenda for more than 50 years.

Optimised composite materials improve competitiveness


The Industry’s Composite Laboratory is collaborating with the Danish company Tuco Marine Group in developing a new generation of boats made from carbon fibre reinforced composite materials.

Successful SimFlex4 engineering tools


Simulating the results of the constructions of new harbours or changes to existing ones before carrying them out in real life has proven valuable for engineering companies.

Hull form optimisation at the next level


We have taken hull form optimisation to the next level by incorporating the operational profile in the design.

New technical IALA guidelines


The IALA guidelines are a high level, strategic document on how simulation tools can assist in planning and implementing AtoN.

Norwegian Coastal Administration


Norwegian Coastal Administration chooses FORCE Technology's simulator centre for training of their Pilots and VTS Operators.

New R&D on added resistance in waves


Route simulations play an important role in ship design and retrofitting where it is essential to evaluate the performance of the ship sailing on a given route to judge the quality of the new design.

Wind tunnel tests on offshore platforms


We perform 20-30 wind tunnel tests of offshore platforms each year.

Ship propulsion optimisation


Shipowners are focusing on performance of their existing fleet instead of ordering newbuildings.

Trim guidance in perspective


The energy-saving strategy is dependent on the vessel type and size, and it must be considered which measures will provide the best return on investment.

Fehmarn Belt ship simulations


In 2007, the Danish and German governments decided to create a fixed link between northern Germany and southern Denmark

Eastern Bosporus Strait Bridge


Since the early stages of the design of the Eastern Bosporus Strait Bridge, Vladivostok, Russia, we have been involved in aerodynamic testing of the bridge.

Cable studies with rain, wind and ice


For many of the world’s large cable-supported bridges, incidents have been reported in which the stay or hanger cables exhibit large-amplitude vibrations under certain climatic conditions in connection with wind.