ISTA packaging tests are used by Danfoss to ensure that their packaged products can withstand being transported around the world in all kinds of weather.

The energy company Danfoss develops and sells a wide range of electronics products, including frequency converters, to the whole world. As part of their quality assurance, they have set up a requirement that all packaging for new products must pass an ISTA packaging test.

Proof that the packaging can meet the requirements

Danfoss uses ISTA testing to ensure that their products arrive undamaged to their customers. It is important that the packaging can withstand the transport to which the products are exposed when transported around the world under different road and weather conditions. ISTA testing proofs that the packaging can fulfil all the necessary requirements.

For Danfoss, ISTA testing is an obvious choice:

“We have chosen the ISTA testing because it is an international test that the large transport companies such as FedEx and UPS have established jointly. As they are the ones who transport our products, it is obvious for us to follow their procedures,” says Ib Özen, Packaging Consultant at Danfoss.

All Danfoss’ ISTA tests are performed by FORCE Technology. In addition to being close to Danfoss’ development department, there are clear benefits for Danfoss in the collaboration:

“We have an excellent and well-functioning collaboration with FORCE Technology - we talk together on a daily basis and discuss different things about the test cycles. They have an in-depth knowledge, which we benefit from. Even though I have worked in this area for 25 years, I continue to learn something new every day,” says Ib Özen.

Environmentally friendly material passes the packaging test

As part of Danfoss’ green transformation, the company is working on using sustainable packaging for their products and is in the process of changing their packaging to more environmentally friendly materials in the form of pulp. Traditionally, Danfoss has used Styrofoam as packaging, but many overseas customers, for example, in North America, have challenges getting rid of the packaging because it cannot be reused. 

Ib Özen is positive about the results of the latest ISTA testing of the new packaging material. Although there are many things (especially exposure to moisture) to consider when using pulp rather than Styrofoam, he is pleased that the material performs well in the ISTA packaging test. This provides certainty that the new packaging can be used, as it meets all the requirements.

Danfoss ISTA test
ISTA packaging tests make sure that packaged products can withstand being transported.

ISTA as a guideline when selecting packaging

Ib Özen recommends that if you are already in the product development process you should familiarise yourself with the ISTA testing parameters, so that you can select the most optimal packaging for your product:

“When we early in the development process choose materials, it is always at the back of our minds what ISTA testing includes.”

In addition to ISTA testing, FORCE Technology performs compression tests for Danfoss, as a kind of pre-analysis, so that Danfoss can fine-tune the material before the ISTA testing is initiated:

“We always do a compression test before the ISTA test. If the packaging cannot pass the compression test, then it will not pass the ISTA testing either, because the box is not strong enough to withstand the necessary pressure. Hence, there is no reason to carry out the entire ISTA testing before the packaging is strong enough. And we must pass the ISTA test no matter what,” emphasises Ib Özen.