Through standardisation work, we help create sensible frameworks for products and services worldwide and ensures the competitiveness of Danish businesses.

Standards specify requirements and methods

When you sell products or services in a global world, you have to take standards into consideration. Standards can ouline the requirements for a product's performance, define technical terms in a given area, ensure that quality management systems are appropriate, or prescribe methods for testing of fx. a products' durability or environmental footprint.

Simplifies import and export of goods

Standardisation creates a common terminology, and ensures that tests, measurements and services are performed and interpreted in the same way across national borders. This way you, as a manufacturer, do not have to carry out the same test 10 times in order to be able to sell your products in 10 different countries. And as a customer, you can be sure that the product you receive meets the applicable requirements, even if it is produced in another country.

The business community benefits from the standardisation work

FORCE Technology actively participates in a large number of committees, commissions and working groups within standardisation, both nationally and internationally. Through this work, we influence the development of new requirements and measurement methods for a wide range of subject areas and help to ensure the interests and competitiveness of Danish companies.

Every year we are in contact with thousands of companies, getting their views on the standards. We use this knowledge in our standardisation work to influence, write, and interpret new standards.

We share up-to-date knowledge of standards

Our specialists participate in professional networks, where the latest within standards is presented and discussed. It is important to us that this knowledge and experience gets out to and benefits a broad range of businesses. That is why we regularly hold webinars, courses, peer groups, write professional articles, and send out newsletters, so that you can stay up to date with the latest developments in standardisation in your area of interest.