Calibration of meters and measuring instruments is key in ensuring high quality and low uncertainty in measurements. We offer a broad range of calibration services in the laboratory and on-site. 

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MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of flowmeters

EMCO Controls' choice for accurate calibration


Precise measuring instrumentation is imperative in the global custody transfer infrastructure

High pressure calibration facility in Vejen 1

Request for calibration


Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you

MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of flowmeters

Avoid losing money due to imprecise flowmeters


Our technology guarantees lowest possible level of uncertainty in the custody transfer value chain

Grand opening of MEGA loop


Take part in the grand opening of our MEGA loop.

High-pressure calibration of metering lines


Emerson are left with a verification that guarantees their customers accurate custody transfer.

The MEGA loop construction has begun


The MEGA loop is the upcoming largest and most unique calibration facility in the world.

First OIML certificate for hydrogen refuelling station


The OIML certificate is issued by FORCE Certification for Nel Hydrogen's hydrogen dispenser.

MEGA loop revitalised


The proportions of the MEGA loop will open up new possibilities for calibrating long meter systems.

Value through standards and metrological infrastructure


Standardisation and metrology will underpin the green transition.

Dansac improves their quality assurance competencies


The medical device company Dansac found a shortcut to increase their competencies in assurance.

Reducing operational uncertainty in gas transfers


Importance of managing fiscal risk in large volume gas custody transfer.

Uncertainty explained: Uncertainty budgets


Which factors are important to know and address when working with uncertainty budgets?

The gas flow MEGA loop is entering the building phase


The MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of gas meters is set to open in early 2021.

Uncertainty explained: How is a calibration result reached?


In order to understand uncertainty calculations, it is necessary to know how a calibration result is reached.



New strategies and methods for self-monitoring of meters and measuring equipment.